⚠️ Andrew Tate Issues A Warning For Crypto (The Bottom Might Be In!)

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For months, pundits and commentators have been calling for the Bitcoin bottom to dip below $10K, but Bitcoin enthusiasts and seasoned crypto investors are believing that all the social signals are indicating that the bottom might be in as Bitcoin currently sits at $16,841.60. The value of crypto has been under attack as of late with the FTX collapse has shining a bright negative light on the asset class, confirming the views of crypto naysayers and skeptics. The FTX news has captured the financial headlines for weeks with no signs of slowing down, causing an array of people to comment their opinions on cryptocurrency. The European Central Bank warned that Bitcoin is on its way to irrelevance. CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon, while giving credit for blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Web3.0, trashed cryptocurrency on CNBC, calling it useless and just a tool for the immoral transactions in society i.e. sex workers, scammers, money laundering, and drug trafficking. And now one of the most influential voices on the internet, Andrew Tate, weighed in on his thoughts about crypto. On The Ahmad Mahmood Show, the outspoken entrepreneur revealed that he was a proponent of crypto, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum, but warned his followers that the free ride is over and that the stupid money has left. Those following crypto religiously understand that we’ve been looking at bearish action for the past 13 or so months, as Bitcoin had slid drastically from its all-time high, but to the experienced HODLERs, this is nothing new and the same “crypto is dead, the run is over” sentiment was being tossed around in 2018 before its run to $69,000. However, Tate warned that now, the profits in the crypto space will be harder to come by.
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Lane Block says:

Who the fuck is Andrew tate?!

Emic Casemiro says:

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I thought they were gonna scam me like others but eventually, they turn to be legit.

Joe D says:

i read right through this guy

C B says:

Andrew Tate confirms that the dumb money is still in crypto.

Ethan S. says:

Tate may not qualify as "dumb money" according to the current zeitgeist, but he sure spends his money like a dummy if he's really doing the things he claimed in this conversation.

Alexandre Alves says:

Kind of a jerk

Sergeant Craphead says:

Who is Andrew tate

Nice2347 says:

Andrew Tate is such a scumbag and that story he told 100% didn’t happen

Travis Price says:

Here's the skinny, I'm neutral about Andrew Tate, but he's literally talking to people that don't know anything about digital assets… and he's right. The bull run is over. Pump and dumps are exit liquidity on the lower caps.

Anyone that treats this like a long-term investment knows this.

peter fisher says:

It will happen the day Circle and Coinbase fall down

Medik2525 says:

This guy is a joke. 😂

Matias Hofmann says:

LoL . "Only the savvy". Maybe he knows how to run a camgirls farm, but he doesn't know shit about crypto .
This is so cringe

george mason says:

Invest in little rocks, have to be really dumb.

lovepeacebliss says:

This guy really thinks everyone wants to be a matrix dummy like him and blazarian? Blazarian says hes depressed and this guy is paranoid. Sign me up!

lovepeacebliss says:

"Literally" stealing. Does he not know the definition of literally or stealing?

Rat Poison Squared says:

Bling-Bling-Person showing off…

ALEX says:

The fact he's talking about it,proves that dumb money is still here

Mr C says:

andrew who……..

Jeremy Black says:

Tell me about world economics and finance with your unbuttoned silk shirt bro!!! Oh, and keep your shades on indoors! 😎

Glen Subtorq says:

He seems like a complete tosser! I will pay him no attention.

Jonny Rootstem says:

If you ship Bugatti motors oversees, put entire security teams and others in 5* hotels and fly on private jets, then yeh it'll cost 400k. Don't think most people would be that dumb.

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