⚠️ Ethereum Price To Explode! – THIS is a Game Changer!

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The biggest thing to happen to Ethereum is coming soon! The Ethereum price is set to explode higher as 3 of the biggest complaints of ETH will be getting fixed very soon! 

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The 3 biggest problems of Ethereum right now are:
1. The Scaling Problem
2. The Gas Fees Problem
3. The Unlimited Supply Problem

Optimistic Rollups will be launching in a couple of weeks which will fix the scaling and gas fee issue. Then in a couple of months, EIP 1559 will begin burning ETH, reducing supply and creating a deflationary asset. This is great news for Ethereum! 

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Unorthodox Savings says:

Been buying since November let’s go 📈

Juanita Jordan says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individual's life plan , in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

DR. Griffin says:

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid 19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan. So glad I ventured into Bitcoin investment.

MixSona Productions says:

If ETH turned out to crash after all these hype, i'm blocking all of these youtubers and start listening to Alex Becker

But it wont happen, we stronk on 1770s

Brandon Babcock says:

It will burn a portion reducing supply until ETH 2.0 that goes to POS but will it have a limited supply that essentially pays a dividend to owners? If so, how big is the float expected to be?

Brian Sturrup says:

Eth will reach 5k this year Thatz it

Coin Hound says:

How does a supply with no limits get reduced? Doesn't there have to be a finite cap on overall product first?

irshadmalek says:

So what stock symbol I should be buying ? Sorry zero knowledge on this. Thanks

Alanzo The Russian says:

Thank you for the interesting content. By chance, do you have any price change ideas? Your own take? Thanks

jerems01800 says:

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Leck Przemyslaw Krawczyk says:

Good news. Thanks

Angele says:

Been hearing this etherium hype for months…hopefully this time

Bryan Smith says:

I will never forget the effort of Eazycryptocash on telegram for keeping his promise he’s so genius I got my payment easily into my wallet✔️✔️

Bryan Smith says:

I will never forget the effort of Eazycryptocash on telegram for keeping his promise he’s so genius I got my payment easily into my wallet✔️

Mamie Ndongala TV OFFICIEL says:


Nath Crypto Enthusiast says:

Do you know that your a few days behind other you tubers with your content and since this news has come out, all Etherium has done, is go down in price? 🤔

Thomas McDonald's says:


Tarek ataya says:

Thank you, do you have an idea if there a stock related to etherum like roit or marafor bitcoiin…i am overseas cannot purchase directly…

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