⚠️ *URGENT!!!!* BITCOIN WHALES SETTING A TRAP!!!!! ⚠️ Crypto Price Analysis TA & BTC News Today

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially headed into a bull trap, in my opinion?! Let’s discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + speculative price prediction(s) + current 2021 market news for cryptos like BTC in today’s video/live stream!

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The material in this video has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any viewer. This video is presented solely for informational and entertainment purposes and is not to be construed as a recommendation, solicitation or an offer to buy or sell / long or short any securities, commodities, cryptocurrencies or any related financial instruments. Nor should any of its content be taken as investment advice. Crypto Kirby is not a financial advisor. The views expressed in this video are completely speculative opinions and do not guarantee any specific result or profit. Trading and investing is extremely high risk and can result in the loss of all of your capital. Any opinions expressed in this video are subject to change without notice. Crypto Kirby is not under any obligation to update or keep current the information contained herein. Crypto Kirby may have an interest in the securities, commodities, cryptocurrencies and/or derivatives of any entities referred to in this material. Crypto Kirby accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of all or any part of this material. Crypto Kirby recommends that you consult with a licensed and qualified professional before making any investment or trading decisions.

The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT to be considered as investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal and speculative opinions, ideas, theories, hypotheses, charts, technical analysis (TA), insights, curated news publications and price prediction(s). The technical analysis in this video/live stream is completely speculative and does NOT guarantee any specific result or profit. The technical analysis in this video/live stream has NO proven rate of accuracy and past performance does NOT indicate future results. Do NOT trade or invest based upon the analysis presented in this video/live stream. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement after consulting with a professional/licensed financial adviser. I’ll never tell you what to do with your capital, trades or investments. I’ll also never recommend for you to buy or sell any asset, security commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument. I’m NOT a broker. I DON’T recommend or endorse the use of any brokerages or trading exchange platforms. Trading and/or investing in cryptocurrency and/or any related commodities/securities/derivatives/instruments is extremely HIGH RISK and you can very easily lose all of your investment capital! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset, security, commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument! I will NOT be held liable for any of your personal trading or investing decisions or any losses/damages that you may incur if you decide to speculate in the market. This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!

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Crypto Kirby Trading says:

🚨 VIP PRIVATE TRADE ALERTS – https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEts9GFT3RV_6wLjOQ


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Gasper Starina says:

Yep, well a lot of retail and hopium youtube channels are still in denial stage…last 3 weeks i am doing quick trades of 5-7% and thats it…i was doing mistakes by watching hopium videos and it wasnt good…all indicators shows just we have to wait how it plays out, i wont fomo if it hits 28k and rally to 36k again…we need much more to reverse the trend

Tom Lucas says:

very nice, thanks

Blue Nebula says:

The Don STRUCK GOLD, the Don STRUCK GOLD !!!!!!!!

aaa ccc says:

You talking like an actual intelligent person makes me want watch your whole vid

Kiss MyAss says:

Warning shots fired! Spot on mate. I can easily see this breaking down. Keep up the good work.

Danigurl says:

Damn. He was right lol

Igor Sidorenko says:

Thank you Kirby! Well done

Lucky7 tt says:

the 30K support is dying one final stab and it is done.

Mr Poke Dragon says:

The channel could just get wider too

Hollow says:

I've exited completely. I said it on your previous video and I'll say it again. I don't have paper hands. I'm expecting a lower low so I can buy in more. People who still think we're going to see a 300k or even 100k BTC this year are delusional. I don't say it won't happen, but not this year. We had our euphoric phase and now all the moonboys are grasping straws and yapping about Wyckoff accumulation. Yeah yeah. You learned a new word.

Luke Hemmming says:

Bearish means buying opportunities

David Marino Jr. says:

Larger trend is bullish we are in Wyckoff accumulation

JesusWarrior says:

I'm impressed by your analysis. it's right on.

Alex Lucas says:

Thank you Kirby!!🤑🔥

Tiggy Sikapizye says:

We testet the support once, twice, thriwce 😂😂😂

Justin Johnson says:

I missed the dip. So mad

Akorms says:

Love your vidoes. Go bear market Go!!

Andrew P says:

I very rarely post comments but Thank You Kirby!!!, you are doing a public service.

K Ounsangchan says:

Thanks for your analysis Kirb! Your voice is also my favorite LOL

James Reese says:

Guess what Elon..I’ve got my own tickets reserved for the moon🚀..And no doge’s 🐈allowed.

Owen Koo says:

You are legend. thanks for the videos man.

Will James says:

Obvious traps are obvious
Go Bulls!
We're not done until the Georges are done

Anton Engelbrecht says:

Hey Kirby love your perspective just one question, the price has never been below the previous Bull cycle high or am I missing something.

Ivan Ivan says:

Can't any longer wait for the bears eat moonboys in love with their tokens.

Carlos says:

The lack of volume on the rally definitely suggests a bull trap

eddie w says:

Thoughts on BSV?

The Everyday Carpenter says:

Buy high sell low 💎 🤑

Brant Goose says:

It's a bull trap

mouhamad elarab says:

Left in the dust,
Stunots Lol

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