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I think we can all congratulate Vitalik on his vast and prodigious talents. But the most explosive story this week is of course Crypto Leaks’ scintillating exposé of alleged malpractice at Ava Labs, the for-profit profit company behind the Avalanche ecosystem. Was it a targeted hit piece? Pure unadulterated FUD? Or is Ava Labs gui lty of practicing the dark arts? Either way, crypto has a new supervillain in the form of this guy, Kyle Roche, the creepy, Ivy-League-Frat-Boy founder of Roche Freedman LLP.

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Marios Sofos says:

Clockwork Orange with silly string. Genius 🤯

Daniel Ceja says:

Like "hey guys I told you I wasn't a creep for having that camera at the secretaries desk all year. Look what I cought Avax doing! See I'm not a weirdo after all! " lmao recording with bad intentions just to show a project MIGHT be having bad intentions? And start a conspiracy lol still edit cut the video short?….ok so wait Avax is not the one with the creepy camera right? OK I'm on Avax side loll

Todd Starbuck says:

Lawful Evil.

Tristan Horton says:

Y'all are clearing having fun!!

Baron Wolfgang says:

This was quality entertainment 🥃

Hyena says:


gmc says:

Ah crypto – never disappoints and nor does The Defiant. Shock jock cock rock meets pantomime who dunnit. Never boring!

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Your intro sir, best class in the world..
I really personally want to work for you, please call me..

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tell me that crypto bros aren't perpetually thirsty without telling me crypto bros aren't perpetually thirsty.

ps love your work guys, tysm. keep it up!

Christopher Foley says:

Profesor from Casa de Papel vibes

Eelco says:

You did it! Just like I ordered 😀

William T says:

Intro skit was way too long. I nearly closed the video.

Qudizzle says:

hilarious intro

Karim A. Oumran says:

The “family guy” show for crypto 💯

Enea Pasku says:

So brilliant!! Keep going guys

Dean Cobb says:

Either way both sol and avax are sketchy centralized crap sol never works and we see how avax got ahead. Just come to cardano for a proper decentralized chain.

Amadeus Style Media says:

Thanks for all the hardwork on bringing us the crypto news. Keep up the great work!

Heinz Hinrichs says:

Wow! That was super funny and I appreciate the candid insight. Great work💥👍💥

Habib Mazahir says:

There is a thin line between being out of the box and becoming a drag. The first few mins of this was so meh and boring that I could not watch the rest of it. Very rare L from this channel.

Kevin Chambers says:

Wheres the button for 2 thumbs up?

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