🔴LIVE: Why Did The Ethereum Price Just Go Down!?

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Kelly Besuijen says:

I got a job so I could by more eth

Itzshagz says:

Does michael saylor's avg price mean btc can not drop below it as he wont be selling it ?

Doggo Willink says:

Long term im not worried, but still, if it hits my average i could’ve sold at 1870ish and had more ETH. It hurts a little. I’m clearly not a good investor lol. Actually I could’ve sold even right now and had more ETH.

So, at this point, if it drops into the 15s, I’ll just buy more and hold it and fuck the lost potential gains. Hindsight is 2020.

Also keep in mind crypto tends to follow the market unlike bonds, and the market took a real hit again today.

KAYCO76 says:

Can anyone tell me why the whole market is taking a steamy dump on me??

Alex 8vechkin says:

You should be investing if you can’t handle the dips.

Alex 8vechkin says:

Sick of peoples negativity and paper hands. Chill.

Marcus Medina says:

Exchanges are the New Banks of Crypto _ Big Bro wants crypto to go big _ world wide electronic currency 👌🏼

Earl W says:

The prices are still high for ETH.

Coming soon…. coming soon…. coming soon is all I hearS Layer 2 is limited at the moment with current solutions.

And the miners threatening attacks.

If gas fees dont get fixed. It’s a bad investment. Why pay $40 for a transaction fee?

Will check back in July.

TraderVader says:

Downward trend is coming! Look at the graphs 📉!

Matthew Carpenter says:

Love your work man.

JR Villa says:

Dont know if ETH is still a good investment, too many good news but price not moving..and only down by Btc pair..

BigDaddyM says:

I don’t get these titles….the price went down by what…like 50-100 bucks?

Joe G says:

A attack against eth should be some sort of crime right?

Marmite says:

i dont know what im doing but trust making big money moves

Shmayshem Smizzington says:

Thanks for the info boss.

Bruno Castro says:

I Find it funny that people are worried about such a small drop…this is crypto, be ready to watch it drop 50%…if you believe in it, hang in there and BELIEVE in the turn around! I am buying MORE the more it goes down…

Gabriel says:

This whole miners rising up and hurting the system that has made them is just crazy! They have had extra YEARS to mine.. you know. Really what they should have been doing this whole time is stacking ETH. They knew this was coming, could have set their family’s up for generations!!!!


This lower prices actually make me great opportunity for trading long on 15x leverage


Fee goes down, but price of ETH goes up. Those miner assholes should shut up or we all leave ETH, I will do it first. DOT and BNB just waiting.

Bobby Banks says:

Who cares what the US does, they account for like 5% of all crypto transactions. I am so sick of hearing stuff like this, how would any sane person be like oh no the CFTC is looking into Binance so I better sell my crypto??? These bedtime stories make no sense. The market is heavily manipulated like every market on this earth. The space is being set up to be the new economic system though and that has been obvious for years. Chill out and relax, we are going to be just fine…..

Dylan Giddings says:

If you are not holding eth, Idk what ur doing. If u sell now ur gonna be missing out a whole lot by the end of 2021

Electrocyde says:

LOL Why did the ethereum price go down ? urm people brought it cheap then it got high so they sell and the price drops.

Isaac Momperousse says:

why are the miner's days numbered?

Cristita Dayto says:

I have clicked on the video for your reasons. And as for me, Never buy crypto that is below your means. My strongest nest egg atm is in the DIVI coin.

Jax Jam says:

Wait a minute. Wasnt it Justin Son (sic) who also applied for federal covid assistance and received millions of taxpayer dollars? This is the Tron guy, right? Why does he now have millions to bid on an NFT? THAT should be the news story….

Hoodoo Operator. says:

It's down $60 ffs… You hype-drivers are giving me a headahce, another one I have to unsub.

Shane Mckibbin says:

Guys, it’s dropped by $100, two weeks ago it was at $1300. Just be patient, we are hitting higher lows, you can’t just have green candles “all the way to the moon”. Everyone wants to become a millionaire overnight, be smart! 😁😁

Steven Rimer says:

FYI i worked as a Broker registered W CFTC for 17 years, this Government Agency is never " foward thinking because they are always Reacting to events. Do not put much weight in the Binance deal, if anything to focus on here is this, Remember at the end of the day, ALL government Financial agencies keep their eyes on INCREASING their regulatory scope/ Crypto will be no different in the present and future.

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