🚨 I JUST MADE $3 MILLION WITH BTC TODAY.. [here is whats next] Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

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BTC Bitcoin Technical Analysis live now price prediction today 2021 22.7.21 $BTC is rising quickly after the fakeout of 30k EAP. Now we have got the rise what is next move for BTC!!!!!

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I do bitcoin price analysis, Ethereum price analysis, bitcoin news, Ethereum news and altcoin analysis and altcoin news!! We look at the crypto news and traditional news to assess how that could impact the price of bitcoin in todays bitcoin price analysis, bitcoin price prediction and crypto news!

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Gymfreak says:

there will always be haters.

but you don't have to prove yourself for your community, I've been trading for 2 years now and a contender for 2 weeks and am amazed at the very valuable content you provide

thank you

CRS says:

Great update Daniel, just what i needed to keep my emotions in check! Cheers

Mattzoni says:

only losers get upset with the bragging. i find it pretty motivating ! im going to join CC at some point but dont have the money/time to properly dive into it right now. keep up the good work dan !

Abdulrahim Yaghmour says:

Casually humming as 90% of traders getting rekt 😅💔

Michael Clarke says:

let's see the trade…

Make More says:

You should publish your videos on Odysee too! 😁

Arthur Rebello says:

Daniel personal question… when you shorted 63k what % of your btc networth did you hedge?
a) <100%
b) 100%
c) 100%-150%
d) 150%-200%

Thomas Gon says:

Great analysis………..but I am a chicken to trade and continue to HODL>>>>>

Michael Johnston says:

Connor McGregor can talk shyt, because he backs it up. Daniel can talk about trades for the same reason. Anyone who thinks Daniel is just a braggart doesn't understand what Daniel is trying to do, at all. You should listen to what he's trying to tell you and you will be able to brag one day as well!! 🙂

Michael Johnston says:

I found CC 4 months ago and have watched every single upload. I had the long and the short as well!! 🙂 I made enough money to get that membership FINALLY!!! You're the best, Daniel!! Best teacher I have found and I have listened to a bunch. Thank so much for everything!! <3

Ian M says:

Man, next fight on showtime, Daniel vs Cryptoface!

Freya James says:

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I postedd Video

suzanne ocean says:

Yes, wanna see the trade of the week from last sunday! Will look for it tomorrow, I'm working up the nerve to start trading lol, thanks and congrats on your $$

Debra Huston says:

I’ve been thinking how I would love to interview you …. This was the closest stream to getting my dream!!

Abdulrahim Yaghmour says:

this guy is funny as hell 😀 "like your wildest dreams"

Debra Huston says:

Would love to see champions live stream! Last 2 streams were awesome 😎 thank u

Anthony Holloway says:


G Ro says:

But isn’t scalp shorting from a 2nd account the same as selling some of your swing long and buying it back lower

Both are equally dependent on the swing to continue going up

Fomosapien says:

Bragg away Pele Bergkamp. My girlfriend thinks I spend more time with you than her. I am atm.

3GBH Clancy says:

Yes please, I would love to see the TOTW. Notebook will be ready.

Vagans says:

good video, upset i missed the live. thanks dan, great work as always

Fomosapien says:

Definitely want to see the champions video Pele Bergkamp

A_ R_ W says:

best part is at the end hope yall stayed and listened to danny

Sreejith S Kartha says:

Last week's TOTW would be great to see!

Momir Pupčević says:

Thx Daniel!

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