🚨IMMINENT DANGER FOR THE BITCOIN PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!🚨 [bounce or crash]

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Jason Barto says:

Nice contents you put up always👌.BTChits a new bullish price as people increased their bids in hopes of making huge gain from the rise but as we can all see now the market is very unstable , the truth is that you can always make more profit from tradln rather than just hodlin and waiting for the price of BTCto skyrocket . Indeed its a tough decision for both old and newb!es whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradln. I wept deeply and prayed after the last time i had much loses, my Uncle introduced me to Expt. Mark Murray who i started tradln with since late last year,i've covered up and made over 21 B T С with 2 B T C even with the ups and downs since the journey . With Mark counsel I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip ofBitcoin. For prof!table tradlng guidiance, You can easily get to him ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @markmurray or Wh@TS’@PP/+ 1 8 3 2 4 1 3 2 3 7 4

AD Khan says:

burj halifa Candle is going to red………ahaha i am sorry but its true

Reginal Ram says:

Ummm… the candles broke your bottom line about 4 times. You need to chill out a bit dude.. TA only works in reverse.. does not predict future

Tom König says:

Dumb money is selling right now

Eric Ewald says:

You should be ashamed of your self posting this FUD bullshit click bait. THIS WILL NOT AGE WELL!!

Rob says:

One Day btc will collapse hugely. It will be -80 or 90% . Nobody can argue this

Gencay Acar says:

After 1.9 T package, 3.0 T package on the way 🙂

Sgt_ Deno says:

Du bist doch stoned Junge, kannste erzählen was du willst.

Ryan Christain says:

How does this whole bitcoin thing work, I'm interested in it and I'm willing and ready to invest heavily in it but I'm gonna need an assistant from any trusted and productive professional?

pawel55p55 says:

So many weeks making those"INSANE" videos with a thumbnail of his face screaming and banging about how btc will go to a milion and now making a video that the bearish scenario is 17k …..hmmmm interesting

WonderWorkout says:

Selling BTC time – mean also selling altcoins?

Tony Kifkif says:

No more emergencies please

Stasys Vagnorius says:

Can you provide an update on your ADA trade?

william bradley says:

Thanks chris

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