10 Crypto Predictions for 2021! Get READY!! 🔮

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0:00 Intro
2:22 Prediction 1
4:09 Prediction 2
7:31 Prediction 3
9:05 Prediction 4
11:07 Prediction 5
12:13 Prediction 6
14:57 Prediction 7
17:02 Prediction 8
20:00 Prediction 9
21:32 Prediction 10
23:15 Conclusion


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1️⃣ Prediction 1 1️⃣

All time highs for most cryptocurrencies.

2️⃣ Prediction 2 2️⃣

More regulatory action against crypto projects by the SEC.

3️⃣ Prediction 3 3️⃣

Reasonable regulations will drive institutional adoption.

4️⃣ Prediction 4 4️⃣

Unreasonable and overreaching regulations will supercharge innovation in the crypto space.

5️⃣ Prediction 5 5️⃣

Blockchain voting will become common, and cryptocurrency projects will play a key role.

6️⃣ Prediction 6 6️⃣

Privacy oriented cryptocurrency projects will see an uptick in use by both individual and institutional investors.

7️⃣ Prediction 7 7️⃣

Facebook’s Libra (now Diem) will launch but not achieve any meaningful adoption.

8️⃣ Prediction 8 8️⃣

Quantum computing will become a hot topic, and cryptocurrency developers will begin designing technologies that can be added to existing cryptocurrencies to protect them from it.

9️⃣ Prediction 9 9️⃣

Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum will explode – any issues with them or Ethereum 2.0 will see Polkadot and Cardano grow significantly.

🔟 Prediction 10 🔟

The Coin Bureau will become the largest cryptocurrency channel on YouTube.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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Matthew Jones says:

I would invest into GUYcoin!

Rommel Castillo says:

‪Nimiq will top them all. With nimiq’s fiat to crypto swamps coming this quarter I’m feeling real good.‬

Felix says:

09:55 AMPL is not a stablecoin at all imo…

Bradley Dawson says:

Anybody like Xdai? new here. let me know. Thank you.

SprayeR Z says:

Bro, tomorrow is the aavegotchi.com mainnet. its an awesome nft project, would be good if you talk about in your channel, it has a great potential!!

Tyban says:

I'm sticking around. Thanks Guy!:

oddbod says:

"Monero washing" will become a buzz word

Angelina Kleimenova says:

#NIMIQ is the one that need to include to your portfolio.
Dyor 🥰

Dave Middlebrook says:

good job, keep it up. 🙂

Steve Swope says:

Theta or Cardano people? please vote on which one i should buy into!

Immanuel Carl Maria Voigt says:

Amazing content as always. Keep it up in 2021, mate! 🙂

mtglondon says:

Guy. Coin Bureau is definitely the right path for correct information provider and guidance to all crypto investors wether you are beginner or experienced. 🏆

Michael Prim says:

Thanks Guy for your highly intelligent, informative presentations! Absolutely among the very best available to the public.

mr stonesourcery says:

I've enjoyed your commentary during 2020 – and relate to your socio-political viewpoint & english sense of humour too. specifically appreciate the 'deeper dive' that you do into the companies/economics that you cover. Incomparable (streets ahead) from others

Richard Reynolds says:

Thanks for this video💥.. The spike may bring some 2017 flashbacks when Bitcoin was going up with no apparent limits, only to plummet nearly 70% the following year. And considering we’re already in a new year after a super bullish December of 2020, it’s normal for folks to be nervous. To ensure continuous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful, and do not listen to stupid things. The potentials of ƚradıng BTC would allow you ƚrade your btc not minding the present price chart and also saving your ass from any future deep that may occur. I started ƚradıng with Todd Gordon of Cryptotribesmen since early last year and till date I have made over 14 btc even with the ups and downs since the journey. With him, I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of the price. You can easily get to Gordon on 𝕿e1eǫram@iamtodd/whɒƚsɒpp( + 4 4 7 8 6 7 5 4 8 7 4 3) for any Crypto related issue.

Jeanmarc Loverde says:

Who is selling cryptocurrency in Here? I want to buy… 15% extra…PM

Hira Leo says:

You are always great informative and logical. Thanks, for such youtube channel

Smoky Kush says:

Crypto pump and dump. https://discord.gg/TRf3RU6UYG

michael mckenna says:

Guy, you are clear , pragmatic and inspirational – like blockchain Guy you are trusted.

Informed Few says:

Recently,I invested in both stock and crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing much more better than stocks!

Jarry Stong says:

Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

Łukasz eR says:

smartkey 2021!

shikhar Shikhar says:

Forex trading is accessible exciting educative will get to offer you lots of opportunities if you go into it through an expert

Lijuan Chu says:

I enjoyed your video. I am actually tired of worrying about stocks and stuff.. It's driving me nuts these days. I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

john martinez says:

pirate chain most secured and private than monero…

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