100X Gains from Pre Sale ICO's / IDOs, Fastest Way to The Moon in Crypto

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Doing Pre Sale ICO’s / IDOs is the fastest way I know how to get to the moon. If you new to these pre sales then watch this video to the end. The rise of launch pads has made the industry more safe protecting investors from rug pulls which we have seen so many off late. You downside is you have to buy the launchpad token and that sometimes requires large capital outlay. That and much more.

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Rami elbadawy says:

What is your view on Gas Farm ICO

Greezi says:

Great vid as always. For BSCPad you said you need a minimum of 1000 tokens in your wallet for IDO launch participation. So would that be 1000 of the launchpad's tokens, BSCPad tokens?

Ankush Jain says:

How do I become a patron?

max K says:

All the launchpads are down 70-80% from their all time highs
Not sure if they will ever go back
Lots of people have got wrecked

Daniel Webb says:

Have you seen the next IDO? Ridiculous,price is dropping . Super launcher on the other hand is +63%

K.L Hon says:

I would like to join your patreon group. but is it better off for me to join on 1st June instead joining now as I still need to pay full monthly price today?

Igoruha says:

I agree for 10x , I am not greedy

Vishal Sagar says:

Karen coin πŸš€πŸš€

Fitness Always says:


Fitness Always says:


Sohail says:

100x ihas already neen used. Please update it.

Karon Jiles says:

What's dodgy with Moonpad?

Jose Batista says:

Check out MoonPad, Public pre-sale is still going. Don’t miss it!

Rodney James says:

Find it hard to follow all these launchpads. Any advice

Kay Bailey says:

Bscpool is dead bro. Dono how long ago this video was made.

rocky509 says:

Thank you to the moon of this gems πŸš€

Boo says:

100x you the man!

Tio Coin says:

hey, crypto expat!! Where can l find the site that you show on 4:50???

Kabi Sing says:

Do u think meme pad can teach $1???

taylor says:

fuck I missed the code again

Kabi Sing says:

Like yr videos , thinking to join your patron , hiw can that help me out ?

BoostHit says:

Anyone know of a launch pad that doesn't require 25k plus to get into the top tier?

taylor says:

I own BSCpad and have for awhile…their launches are notorious for getting bot attacked. Would not recommend picking them up. While I would agree that now appears like a good entry point….with all the other launchpads out there, they really need to adjust if they want to be able to compete.

OutlawUniverse says:

I didn't see any info on superlauncher on what you need for certain tiers.

Antonia Delgado says:

Memepad now takes some significant investment now before even investing, all these launch plats run the same way which is a shame

Alex Tsoy says:

100X!!! Always waiting for your updates pal!! Thank you!

Ko Li says:

do you know moonpad, avalaunch or solpad?

nisarg kagathala says:

Love the info ❀️ i think the Code in this video was previously used in another video too bro πŸ˜…

Keshab Agarwal says:

Try polkastarter and solanium IDO

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