10X Altcoins Are Everywhere in Crypto – Here's how to find them! | Get Rich With Crypto

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Sheldon Evans says:

🚨 Let's get this video to 8645 likes!
Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always have a checkmark next to my name!!

Z O says:

This was really great but saying there is alot of regulations on crypto is absolutely false other than a few countries. And also there is no peogramming language free from errors so that was also an error. Programmer here. But overall great video.

Ettore Caruso says:

I am new to the cryptoworld and your videos are enlightening me!

Currency says:

This guy looks like stephen graham’s brother

Drunk Poets Society says:

What about Xrp and Xlm?

M.E says:

Pundi X & Dent & EFX

Bjorn_fct says:

Make a video about $REEF 🚀

szejkox says:

Which Crypto trading platform do you recommend? Also, where do you check candlestick charts?

Bertram Ugwu says:

Good One! Please, can you do a video on how to stake TRUSTSWAP tokens?

sp0cky says:

When Hedera video?

Erik Solstad says:

Smartlands (SLT) – low cap and low supply.

Fahri says:

Reeeef 🚀🚀

Chad says:

Since it costs 12k to be allocated, what should someone's initial money pool be for them to be investing in this?

Ethan Venencia says:

It was all going so well until he mentioned 12k needed for the allocation 😂

Kunal Patel says:

What about YFTE. Is it something to consider?

dyns 47 says:

Thanks for your another alt recommendation, I always wait for your new upload to come 🙂 Can you research about RioDefi (Rfuel) project ? It seems legit and have a good teams, and give us your opinions 🙂

N3RM says:

Any $AMP holders? 🚀

Amar Mali says:

Algorand going to moon

Trey Series 2 says:

You are easily the most brilliant guy on here. Thanks.

Vicky Rana says:

Binance restricting withdrawl and deposit on 1st March for Cordano whats your take on it? Please reply

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