$1500 ETHEREUM HIGH IS HERE | Now is the time to buy more crypto…

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Sheldon Evans says:

🚨 Let's get this video to 5678 likes! 
Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always be have a checkmark next to my name!!

pappos3 says:

PLR will 100X

Eric Palmer says:

Anyone else watching all the crypto videos they can on 2X speed?

Heavy Friends says:


QuasarBeatz says:

Sheldon you absolutely must evaluate BAO FINANCE!!!

Hafiz S says:

whats the best app to invest cryptocurrency on?

Vlad Exo says:

Sh*t I sold all ETH once it hit 1450, hoping to rebuy once it drops, and of course it starts skyrocketing.. You think it will drop back to 1400s anytime soon?

martins rimsa says:

Johny asked me to watch this…

ChocoWild says:

someone is interesting in buy an eth mining camp in argentina for 85K usd… it produce 0.2 ETH daily monthly around 9k usd and lights cost is around 200usd

Jason Bays says:

Ive done great so far with ETH. Ride the Rocket

Gadsdon Flag says:

ETH at $1664.00 right now 2/3/2020 at (9:40pm pst)

11K S says:

Ok guys im new to crypto. Dogecoin went up 50% other day if i invested 10k how much would i have got?

leow alan says:

close to 1600 USD now..

Mossburer says:

I’m pretty sure it might dip to 1300. Better to buy in then?


Im long on ETH


We have to wait on the data just like the vaccine. We have to all admit sometimes we just dont know enough to Give an answer… IN GENERAL

ricm2508 says:

what happens after February?

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