2023 RAM TRX – SUPER Truck 700HP+ SUPERCHARGED – Full Visual Detail

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2023 Dodge RAM 1500 TRX Sound, Interior & Exterior – FULL Visual Details – King of TRUCK
Better than the 2023 Ford Raptor?
Thanks Matt’s Bower Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram
Price: $103,520
Buy it here: https://www.mattbowerscdjr.com
Contact Giovanni “Gio” Borrome’ @ +1 225-936-6088

6.2L Supercharged Hemi V8 SRT Engine
8 Speed Automatic 8HP95 Transmission
4×4 All Wheels Drive
702hp 650lb ft torque
0-60mph in 4.5 seconds
Fuel tank capacity : 33 gallons

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2023 Dodge RAM 1500 TRX – Sound, Interior & Exterior in Detail – SHOP AUTOMOHO – https://www.amazon.com/shop/automoho

Jack Holden says:

Thoughts? https://youtu.be/LjDgoyTZrB4

PK says:

So they took out the analog dashboard?

Edwin Lainez says:

I would love these truck on desel ❤❤❤

Allll Allenson says:

oh my jesus i want this car so much❤❤❤

etjulien says:

Nice truck. However, I won't pay $10K over sticker. No thank, Matt Bower Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram! Thank you, Automoho, for the video!!!

Shisty89 says:

garage queen alert lol

Diesel Lover says:

Is this still for sale ???????

Mr.MuradD says:

Absolutely A Beast , My Dream Truck ❤

William Graham says:

This truck appears to have the Level II trim package, but very strange, no factory bedliner. I do love the up dated Infotainment center. Not a fan of the all digital instrument cluster. I still love the jeweled clocks in mine.

Ahmed Yaqoob says:

Really appreciate your effort 👌

Troy Heffernan says:

Noticed the low fuel light was on. Lol

Krys Zhuravlyov says:

yo that was relaxing asf to watch. Nice work

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