3 Cryptocurrency Trends to EXPLODE in 2021| Get Rich With Crypto

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Today we take an inside look into the cryptocurrency trends that I think have the ability to absolutely explode in 2021. These cryptos solve a variety of problems that we’re currently facing on the blockchain like scalability and speed as well as the possibility of linking real world assets to the blockchain.

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Stefano Vidotto Preden says:

Can you please explain how to buy and where to store this very small coins like API3? With big cryprocurrencies it's easy but with this small is not. Thank you. 🙂

Sagun Shrestha says:

I unsubscribed.. sorry!
This is purely based on your holding. I thought you r unbiased but am wrong.

Satrio Arif says:

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Praveen B says:

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joyce klondi says:

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Matthew Vincent says:

I just bought my first crypto for Christmas. made $10 day one. so I'm hooked. now I'm wanting to invest $10k into it. I won't be investing in ASX now.

Chris Watkins says:

Trading is easier when you have the strategies and knowledge,

sainadh k5 says:

Hi sir what about ESPN coin called ECN

Nick Mastropiero says:

Amp coin aka flexacoin $.006 rn

Bennuardo says:

The Graph will overtake Chainlink

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