$5000 Ethereum Price Prediction after new ATH!! – Just the Beginning of a HUGE RALLY!

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Ethereum is rallying fast and has already hit ATH! Tune in as we dive right on into this price prediction and CRITICAL technical analysis.

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Dayna Shannon says:

Love the one-take videos! 👍👍

Maia Carey says:

unedited please!~ thank you~ but rest a bit too, stay healthy! we need you LOL

Lena Topalova says:

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Wannes Leenaerts says:

This perfect 👌🏻

C S says:

Really ????

Christopher Geel says:

Prefer the new format. It's more authentic

Photographs Forever says:

Both formats good. Informative content and the intro and outro always make me smile

Jeff Callejo says:

Yes! Record in 1 take and post ASAP, please. Good stuff brother.

Tye McIntyre says:

I like it keep going good sir.

H Q says:

BTC is dumping! OMG!

That Tattoo Guy says:

Just found your channel. Love the videos!

ahmed tarek says:

good work…… greetings from egypt

Felipe Urteaga says:

Unedited works very well bro!

Ben says:

Today was no all time high not on Binance not in coinmarketcap ? It was yesterday somehow confusing this video

Liam Duke says:

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