50x Linux Altcoin GEM (Cartesi Token has HUGE Potential)

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Isaac May says:

I see nobody is watching these pump videos anymore. I guess thats what a bear market does.

Mortensen4040 says:

"Sponsored" video?

Crypto_Mafia says:

Market is going up and he has started shilling about his investments…the fools are following him

Shawn Meagher says:

How much $$$ do ya"ll think Ben has wrapped up in this SHITCOIN? He's pumped this token like 4x already.

Randy L says:

I bought a little the last time you talked about. Hope they are successful.

Jimmy James says:

So who sponsored the video, Cartesi???

coc hit hai boss says:

cartesai good project

Josh James says:

Tell me your doing a paid ad with out telling me your doing a paid ad 😅

SUPER ZOOM India says:

Shit coin don't buy it. Bitboy Back to pumping coins

Mind's Eye says:

85 percent of smart phones are based on Linux. The other 15 is Unix. 🙄

Roy Orbit says:

Bitboy must be stuck with a huge bag of Cartesi lol

gary roberts says:

Once regulation comes alot of these crypto will not be around becareful what u invest in

Jared Kobliska says:

Let’s go ctsi!

tony yip says:

Selling ur soul and we r not even in the bear market…..

big o says:

@bitboy are going to sell your cts bag before or after this video??

Aaron Kubach says:

Boson thoughts?

J T says:

I'm sorry I've had a bad day, I love you guys. But really,!!! Flipping BTC really!!! is this a good thing. Bitcoin has to tank and go to zero, were does that leave shit coins

Gary says:

Paid Advertisement. Good luck getting wrecked.

J T says:

I'm sorry Ben!!! but seriously flipping BTC is a good thing, really why!!! because you have more invested in ether then BTC. If we don't see eye to eye with the crypto markets we could soon see the end. BTC is the 👑 of crypto!!! all others are leaches hanging on.

Michael Lambert says:

I guess at least he said this was a sponsored video…

Striker 89 says:

You know the bull run is back when its back to pumping altcoins

J YT says:


drh 2020 says:

I am a Linux dude and I still do not see any special value proposition for Cartesi leveraging Linux. Many crypto projects leverage free open source code. If I am missing something here dont just name drop Linux. Get into more detail to explain it.Thanks.

Ruggels1 says:

Cover EnergyX (Safe Energy)

Doug Judy says:

You know it seems someone might be paying you to pump this coin only so they can sell it to your community dumping the price lower than where it was to start with…….

dylan westren says:

He's in partnership with cartesi, he said on previous videos. He's just shilling

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