6 HOT Cryptocurrency ICOs🔥🔥 – And How I Found Them🔎

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The CoinMarketCap ICO Listing page is a great way of finding hot cryptocurrency ICOs to invest in. In this video, I will discuss this week’s hottest upcoming cryptocurrency ICO launches. #ico #cryptonews #definews

00::00 Introduction
03:05 UnoRe
05:51 BenQui
07:18 Maple Finance
08:59 XFai
10:08 TheForce Trade
12:24 APIS


John Williams says:

What about PointPay ?????

Vania Lipchin says:

That looks cool mate

By the way , I wanna say that this Work Quest is truly cool. I rarely see token s that r not verbal, but rly show daily profit and give guarantees not only in words.

Kino Mania says:

Mate, could you make a video on DungeonSwap? They represent one of the greatest staking options I’ve ever looked into. I feel $DND will do amazing. Should I join them?

Baris Basar says:

2:00 : "I dont want to tell you what to do, and I'm not saying you should buy something or not"

titel : 6 HOT Cryptocurrency ICOs fire fire

well… xD

Robert Lobo says:

Buy hot coin 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Md.hafiz Mat Khairuddin says:

Can somebody write list down in here? My english not good. Tq

RD Wrapz says:

ICO's can blow me its all a scam fair launch I'd the only way defi is the future

Nadia & Blake Miller says:

I’m waiting on maple finance’s price to come down. It’s at $20.70 USDC now and it started at like $47. When is a good time to buy into this? Why would people buy high in the beginning? Also, what do you think about maple finance? Thanks!!

Clay Albright says:

This is mind blowing! So many new ICO's. Geez. It's almost like the "sharing economy" is upon us! Great video!

Francesco Soprano says:

Could you make a video on metawhale protocol(mwBTC)? I think it's really a good project but I would like to hear it from someone more experienced than me. Thanks!

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