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BITCOIN!! Today we will do technical analysis on Bitcoin! WATCH THIS


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00:00 Intro
01:00 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

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YouTube. This is a Video for YouTube. This is the Link of YouTube: https://youtube.com

MMCrypto Bitcoin Crypto (YouTube Channel)


Soul Relaxation says:

Can we buy etherium now?

The Jaguar says:

more live videooossss

Zalva Dre says:

So its still bulish or bearish already???????

Mr1X says:

thanks for that video

sp0cky says:

eth will go 10k because its destined to go there

Adam Publiczny says:

He is crypto god… respect!

Sameer Rashid says:

Chris i love ur lives but they are too long. Can u make ur condensed videos again

Timothy Tim says:

Love your energy! Are you on coke?

Saso Furman says:

Thanks Chris! As a newbie, its really cool to have a channel like yours. Every video is like a direct support. 馃憤馃徎



tedd barr says:

i really want chris fibonacci settings, it looks the best and most professional compared to mine. How can i find his settings? my phjone screen is too small to see please and thanks

Roddo Roboto says:

Great work!

panjok2 says:

I love how Chris tells people it's not necessary to donate! What other Youtube creator would say this? Most are Greedy! Like meet Kevin would never say to keep your money! lol That is another reason why MMCRYPTO is the best!!!

Hassan Rasmi says:

I think you should start refraining from promoting high leveraged exchanges. I love your content and I'm a big fan, but you know that saying a disclaimer like "if you're an experienced trader" doesn't mean that inexperienced traders will not be jumping at the opportunity to trade with high leverage 鈥 they most definitely will. Just like you refrain from promoting low market cap coins because of how irresponsible it is, I think we should start refraining from promoting high leverage exchanges. "Experienced traders" are likely not watching many of these videos and, if they are, they already have accounts on these platforms. So almost always will the inexperienced trader be the one getting caught in liquidated high leveraged trades. Just my two cents.

gb says:

Yes thnx for Dot and uni.. ur xmr tho went sour

Kathryn Justice says:

How do you take profits without closing a trade?

Tu岷 D农ng V农 says:

Buy and hold GHST for the rich 2021

Peter S Goodman says:

I don鈥檛 know who needs to hear this, you鈥檝e got to stop saving money, invest some part of it, if you really want financial freedom

muhammad asif Bhatti says:

What u predict about eth sir i am new here

SHAZOM zom.health says:

We didn't go very low lol.

John Charles says:

I hate the way you sell your YouTube clips with over emotive reactions, you lose a lot of credibilty

Latoria Milligan says:

What size is the name of the indicator?

Susan Gaskin says:

Love your videos and your channel but I find live streams to be too long. I can get the same information in a quarter of the time from your regular videos. Just my opinion.

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