ADA the REAL Ethereum KILLER (TOP 2021 Altcoin Competitors)

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ADA hits all time highs while Ethereum struggles. What does the Smart Contract space looks like in 2021? We will answer today and check out what is going on with Bitcoin price.


bulek shots says:

BitBoy Clickbait!

Sky Robin says:

What do we have to do to get ADA to 1000k per. Can we petition Charles to restructure ADA to make this possible?

Jay Nguyen says:

def need more videos about leverage

Trump Tribe 2020 says:

See you later today.

SerAntonii says:

Losing credibility with bitboy. Just these click bait titles now. He even says in the video he is as bullish on ETH has he’s ever been

Frosty Dog says:

ADA $ 10 + before July 4th

Frosty Dog says:

SoMeSocial will hit $ 2 – $ 3 by summer

Peacemaker2 says:

Bitboy, can you make a video about EIP1559 and the miner pool situation? I think this is surpressing the ETH price and once it's cleared out it will skyrocket.

isaelfernandez says:

Tj is so damm cute

Jason Klaffer says:

If so much bitcoin is being taken off exchanges and so many institutions are buying how the fuck are we still under 50k

Stoney Dave says:

Where’s the “Trades on a Plane” tshirt? 😎

Bryan Del Cid says:

Really looking forward to your video with Graham Stephen. He’s got great content and one of the first YouTubers that many watch to learn about investing.

Lucas Godsave says:

I’m only buying eth and bitcoin. I don’t see all of he others being what they are or could be. Plus all the hype isn’t worth buying into a crypto and hoping it will be the next bitcoin. Not gonna happen people. I’m not a financial advisor, this is my opinion. Buy bitcoin and hold, if it dips , buy more of it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

kicf says:

Anything on LTC?

Ivan Delgado says:

Ben please tell me you also have satellite internet. If not you must have it…. cable and dish internet..

Travelingman 1980 says:

Eth Killer, what, wasn't Eth meant to be above or at least $2500? Bitboy is a comical character and most likely gets paid in the crypto he shills.

Joren Satter says:

You really have to stop with these kind of titles..doesn’t do your channel any good

PhenomenonChu says:

How can you still be bullish about ETH !? I don't compare it to 2017. This time around it a whole different ball game. First of all ETH is broken and second there is another level of competitors this time around. It's like promoting Kodak because it had great years behind it, meanwhile digital photography is coming up.

Lucas Godsave says:

I agree with dj. I don’t think it will go below 45k it has a double bottom like U said Ben and I think it’s correcting now but don’t see to much of drop anymore. I’m expecting it to go back up to around 50-52 possible due to tax season. A lot of people are going to be buying very shortly

Fred Fotis says:

Cardano is going to retire a lot of projects built on Ethereum.
Beware the dotCrypto bust this year. Invest on sound fundamentals not FOMO.

Kade ET says:

Let me say it for you that you don’t want to say it “ADA is coming to eat ETH” ADA🚀

j p says:

TJ Yellen 👂

elizabeth powell says:

Didn't recognize Tj without his hat. But I'd recognize that smooth voice anywhere. Lol

Ivan Delgado says:

Why in the hell am I subscribed in your show if you don't tell me when you are going to Las Vegas, so I can go hang out with you guys, just kidding, hope you guys have a great time.

Jaider Morales says:

ADA Cardano hold 100%

Rocker Feller says:

Oh! i have a serious Cardano killer, but i am not gonna make a youtube vidoe on it. lmao 🙂

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