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QJ says:

🎧 Spotify Playlist :

Pandora_nature _charms says:

kama maji kwenye Sahara…


Λατρεύω αυτή την μουσική με ηρεμία απολαμβανω τις νότες ❤


Is this ambient?? 🙂

Pranav Rawal says:

Great use of plastic bottle in beginning.

Jerry Michaud says:

Jerry michaud boy Canada

yusuf sevik says:

ben bayıdım çok güzel içim rahatladı ohhhhh

Olivier Rollin says:


Zeki Çelikten says:

Türkish song

Ozgur Sahin says:

Tek kelime mükemmel

amar winshaw says:

people who are still listening to this in 2022 raise your hands

UselessTalent36 says:

Unbelievably beautiful 🤍
It's like there's influences from all over the world in there…with peace and silence at the center of it (and a little bit of melancholie at the edges).
Indeed a masterpiece like so many others already said.

LoneKharnivore says:

I love this stuff but always lol at the total spacecase hippies in the comments.

Jerry Michaud says:

Jerry michaud 23

Ecemdgrmc says:

Çok kaliteli bir parça burdan devam 🤎

Dave Ozzborn says:


Fl W says:

A masterpiece. Just lifting my energy so much higher, every time. I come back to it after a long period and realise how much I grew and evolved from the person I was back then to the person I am now, thinking about how much more will change in the future

Mr Black says:

cool pic what?

Dhiraj Pyakhurel says:

Peaceful Heavenly music…..

Mogli says:

I imagine my self in Iran in a big garden with different tipe of plants and than one of the flowers turn in a human and take my hand and take me to esfahan lol 😆 lo que pas av en esfahan se queda en esfahan loool love you IRAN 🇮🇷 ❤ 💖 💙 ♥ 💕 🇮🇷

Jerry Michaud says:

Jerry michaud

Jerry Michaud says:

Jerry michaud

Bag Lady says:

Thank you Alef

Bag Lady says:

Exquisite taste of music

Bag Lady says:


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