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Today we’re looking at what altcoins have in store for April, a typically bullish month for alts. But will history repeat itself once we enter altcoin season?
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Sheldon Evans says:

🚨 Let's get this video to 16765 likes!
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Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always have a checkmark next to my name!!

Justin says:

Thoughts on FreeLiquid?

Seems very low profile right now but could compete with MKR eventually

Nore loeid says:

Hey Sheldon. Just a quick what's ur prediction for ogn, not a financial advice, just a rough idea.?

Julie Poff says:

Awesome video
Thanks for all the information

b van zuid says:

Cross-chain and multi-chain screams Harmony One to me.

Nice video!

Pedro Moreira says:

Nice video. What do you think about Xsigma?

Kiley Casey says:

It was really exciting! Thank you to the watchable video.

Og buda says:

First of all, let's agree that each and every coin, which was mentioned here, is a bubble, simply because it is not usable and no one is using it right now, therefore the price of coin is undoubtedly fraud. Next, when an youtuber says something like: "i told you that this and this will happen", yes you might have said that, but you have been mistaken so many times, let's not forget that (I've watched this youtube chanel for many months). It is simply my point of view, i just wanted to share my thoughts 🙂

Duncan Whyte says:

Pretty silly comment about buying a Tesla. All vehicles depreciate hugely (except classics etc). So if you need a car, doesn't really matter if you're spending crypto on a Tesla, or 100K on a range rover, you're going to lose money either way. And like all the examples you mentioned at the start about Lamborghini etc, people like cars. If they were bought purely as a necessity, everyone would drive identical box shaped vehicles in the same colour. If I had enough Crypto, I'd 100% be buying a Tesla as my next car.

Kenan Dogan says:

Hi Evans,
i think you can see the future of coins, and i hope you researc about Grumpy finance, and tell us something about social grumpy finance project.

Muhammad Zeeshan says:

i want to join your EARLY ADOPTERS group please….

Phanrix says:

just reported more than 20 fake accounts while scrolling through comments xD

Ugo Pelosi says:

What you think abount PUNDI?

Walid says:

Keep up the good work and thank you for all the meticulous information. Always a pleasure watching your videos.

Mariee Roberta says:

When is celr listing in coinbase? Okex just listed it today

Suraj Vinod says:

Can you do a videos about Holocoin

james hudson says:

DRC digital reserve currency is the future store of value on blockchain

Stephen Ryan says:

I’m waiting for the surge since January…..

Rome Jer says:

I would like to donate 1.5 of my btc. Can you suggest where can i put it in a charity?


$ogn LFGoooo!!

Tatiana says:

what do you think about VRA? ☺️

Lilith Chan says:

Hey, could you consider doing a video on ElonGate? It's almost reached 20k holders in 3 days & I believe it has massive potential, would be amazing if you could talk about it~

Michael Scofield says:

Tried to buy $SPI @ $30 but a gas war killed my tx >:( beginner's humility is real

Yaseen Q. says:


Kami Pawlak says:

Are you british bro ? I like your accent.

Saleem Shahzad says:

please give a thumbs up if you want another low cap 100x coins video from sheldon.

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