Altcoins – Explosive Gains Ahead in Altcoin Season!

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Sheldon Evans says:

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Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always have a checkmark next to my name!!

Nick Petrizzi says:

Ser I have a question…you still a fan of eLoNn MoSK?📉 market manipulation is his favorite activity, if Tesla buys the dip and the SEC doesnt lock him up☠☠☠

Mark H says:


Freelance Ukombe says:

Explosive gains can only be made with solid alts. I will be buying the $SPHRI Spherium Finance IDO on the 22nd. Spherium Finance will be a hub of multi utility DeFi products opening up the world of DeFi to you. Lend, Swap, and Borrow on multiple chains with Spherium Finance.

luana damasceno says:

don't miss this trip to the moon with this top finance fox project buy it so you won't regret it later 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Scott Kapshandy says:

Hi Sheldon, the Munch Donation Project has raised over 2mil USD to GiveWell in 1 month – BSC Bridge in 2-3 wks – Professional doxxed team – Tokenomics – each transaction donates a portion of Eth to the charity's own wallet – Future Launchpad for social/individual causes & new crypto projects. New microcap project with large growth potential that could change the game for charity tokens. Definitely check out their website and roadmap.

Y M says:

"Altcoins are about to move like ever seen before"
whole market went down lmao

Jay Jam says:

What about Kishu Inu and Hokkaidu Inu?


Get in on Safemoon…..not to late….and get in on CRO for long-term investments

Michael Voskovykh says:

Basket Coin (BSKT) is going to 10x get it now on UNISWAP before it skyrockets LETS GO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr To says:

Sheldon, what about Axion, is it still worth it?

Mehmet Ibrahim says:

your wrong about etc dude. Do your research before knocking a project

atudosiei Marco says:

Invest before it's too late! Legal Beagle 140 Holders, Market Cap < 100k. About to moon.

Callum says:

Winfinity is going to be massive, 500k market cap in only 1 day get in early public devs

Kemal Akyol says:

chz target 1 $ 👍🏻

CyberTechZ മലയാളം says:

Can you please do a Video about Shiba and saafemoon coins

AdeMola FanPage says:

what tools do you use in splitting your screen?

Cinematic Film says:

man i think you are the only one who tells truth at moment. Thank you. I learnt a lot.

TikTok Thú Vị says:

DeFi banking in your gadget always with you right now. Just check Yield app, you won't regret it, my friend.

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