Altcoins That Will MAKE YOU RICH!

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DeFi is still king and these with these altcoins, you could be living the rich life in 2021. Make sure you get in on them early for some crazy cryptocurrency gains!

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Sheldon Evans says:

Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always be highlighted!

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Tyler Anthony says:

Am so happy for I just received 4 BTC from vividlogs. Com.

Maya V says:

How do you buy Reserve.

Koral says:


alt coins will not make you rich

J M says:


Michelle G says:

I want to invest, where do I start..

JL Cromer says:

Kadena-swap is cross chain too. Better SMs and rosetta

Finest Nakambitchi says:

I am from the remote part of the world investing in BTC because I know its value will increase 100k in 2021

Ananicheva Ksusha says:

Yo guy, great vid, I appreciate it. Thx for your judgment!

Can you please help me with Mettalex? Having small MC, there are several partnerships in the pipeline and many large commodity trading firms test their service. What do you think about this project?

Noori Hansen says:

If you’ve been researching on altcoins you’ll know bitcoin happens to be the most profitable coin,Even with the instability of bitcoin price I’m still able to build my portfolio from 0.88btc to 3.73btc just within few weeks of trading with wilson,i no longer work 9-3,whosever isn’t investing in bitcoin at the moment is missing out on a great deal

arno nabuurs says:

Sha Safe Haven, inheritance in Blockchain, game changer 🙂

JRM Channel says:

I'm a holder of RSR, click like if you're a holder too 😊

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