Altcoins vs Bitcoin: Why Bitcoin is about to start its bull run

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Will altcoins continue to rise or will Bitcoin surge again? In this video, I cover altcoin cycles and why Bitcoin might surge again soon!



Justin Tavella says:

Just sold all my doge coin 8500 worth and bought into bitcoin took a 6k profit to bitcoin, I feel safer in bitcoin instantly

Shane Neal says:

Alt season is just starting .

Schnout says:

Way to go, Dan 🙂 Correcting the fire claim. "Crypto Tag can survive SOME house fires." True… As long as it doesn't get overly hot.

Vinicius Just Soares says:

As always, great video!

Bobby M says:

Bitcoin not "crypto" degenerate shitcoin scam gambling

Trevor Clark says:

Great explanation. Thank-you!

Ross says:

And still, shitcoiners will be like:

"But Dan you don't understand, my shitcoin can process transaction 2.3 times faster than bitcoin and costs 3 times less therefore my shitcoin is going to flippen BTC and pump forever"

SapceDandy 94 says:

What are your opinions about investing in Bitcoin now that it’s pushing 60k? I’m not able to buy much of it, but is it better to put in $500 or so and watch that grow or invest it in other alt coins?

Bill Bobb says:

OK EVERYBODY. Let me Translate what Mr. Dan Held just said to you. Dan the man with the mini van just said " over the next few months its time to start converting your useless shitcoins back into Bitcoin before you lose all your money and you have to wait 6 more years until the next shitcoin season for a decent return " There. You're welcome!

John Stibal says:

I kinda miss some of the old school shit coins, like peercoin, nxt and quark, lol.

BangARanggg says:

So you're saying we should buy Dogecoin? J/k

Julius La says:

How about btc dominance being at 44% right now?

OskarTBrand says:

awesome. you should have longer and more frequent videos, you are super logical and you can make things sound very simple – a rare quality

Jeroen Tolboom says:

Good evening from Dubai Dan, what an interesting content to cover. I haven’t been in crypto as long as you have been but thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us, I am convinced crypto is the future of things. Your video gave me lots to think of and strategies for this cycle, thank you 🙏🏻

Jaspal Kunner says:


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