Avalanche Crypto Update – THIS Is Going To Make AVAX TOP 5

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In this one I share an Avalanche Crypto Update and what will take AVAX to top 5 in market cap.

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Chapters for Skipping Around 👇
0:00 The Setup
0:46 How Does Avalanche Crypto Work
2:19 Avalanche Subnets
6:46 Avalanche Games
10:15 CORE Wallet

Video Resources:
TPS vs Finality: https://alephzero.org/blog/tps-latency-finality/
BTC.b vs WBTC: https://youtu.be/onBJAZDVMUc
BTC.b Passive Income: https://youtu.be/NZOe-F6gWlw

Avalanche is a Layer 1 network with the one of if not THE fastest time to finality of the top 50 crypto projects.

Another MAJOR feature of Avalanche is their subnets.

You can think of a subnet as its own chain that’s tied into the Avalanche network through the use of shared validators. These subnets are technically separate from the main chain (which is also called the Default subnet).

However all subnet validators MUST validate the main chain, as well as validate their own subnet and stake a MINIMUM of 2000 AVAX…

You could create a replica of Monero, Bitcoin or Ethereum… literally whatever you want.

They can be public or private, require KYC which will be important for institutional adoption, and even create their own coin for payments and governance.

Another massive benefit of Subnets is that they allow dapp developers to isolate their dapp’s performance from the congestion of the main chain.

Think about this in terms of roads and freeways.

As more and more buildings (dapps) are built in a particular area of your city or town, more and more drivers (dapp users) are going to need to use the roads. Afterall let’s assume these buildings were built for an actual purpose and have demand.

More drivers on the road causes congestion, increases the time spent on the freeway therefore costing more in gas, and takes drivers longer to arrive at their destination.

Overall it’s just a massive headache and not a great user experience.

Now imagine that instead of having to use the same clogged up freeway with everyone else, you could just build your own freeway alongside it with YOUR traffic that is still protected by the same police.

You could decide which cars get to drive on it, what it’s paved with, and how it will be maintained.

With Avalanche subnets developers don’t need to worry about congestion on the main chain because it will have NO impact on the cost and performance of THEIR subnet.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Game developers are the ones showing up first to build subnets. “The amount of actual in-production gaming deployment deals that are happening on Avalanche right now is absolutely staggering, nothing even comes close.”

Shrapnel is a first person shooter game made by a AAA game producer with ties to Halo and Call of Duty… and producers and designers from companies like HBO.

Castle Crush is on mobile with over 1mm Monthly active users. This game puts you head to head against another opponent or castle that you need to kill.

HighRise World is another mobile game that has over 2mm monthly active users where you can buy land and create communities.

From their Medium article, “You can choose to charge others to visit your LAND, to play games, to rent rooms, to buy your NFTs, and more. You’ll also be able to sell your LAND whenever you like.”

Ascenders and Domi Online are two more in development that look really promising and give me hope for the graphics on Shrapnel.

From watching the gameplay both of these games look like Zelda where you can explore an entire world.

Players can craft items (NFTs), build structures, own land, and leverage defi products in the game.

Another release was the Avalanche CORE wallet and I like it. Not only is it user-friendly and looks cool, it’s also multi-chain and was released with support for native Bitcoin.

CORE will be adding other native chains to the wallet as well with Ethereum already on the way.

What I found most interesting is that within the wallet you can bridge your native Bitcoin onto the Avalanche network to create a new wrapped asset that didn’t exist before called BTC.b.

A few places like Platypus finance, Trader Joe, and Benqi already allow you to take advantage of BTC.b to earn some passive income. I did a video on that recently and will link that video below as well.

Maybe we’ll see an “Avalanche” of new subnets.

PS: I am not a Financial Advisor and any investment commentary are my opinions only. All trading involves risk so be sure to do your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I do receive a commission for. Thank you!


Kyle Krason says:

What do you think of AVAX? 🤔
Be safe. Watch for scammers in comments.

Nick says:

Domi Online is going to be huge imo. The crypto/blockchain space is filled with overvalued gaming projects that make no sense and have nothing to show, not even gameplay.. The ones that do have gameplay look like neopets circus 1999 garbage (axie infinity).

I've been following Domi closely and it has elements that could easily push it into the top 200 whilst still being in development..

Its Alpha is being released in a few days apparently so hopefully there's some promising game play/feedback from that because I've seen some gameplay that hasn't been made public and it looks really fun (mix of world of warcraft with runescape elements).

I really get the thought that the domi team isn't rushing this out there like all the other pump and dump nft/crypto games and that it has huge potential.

Chris Dennehy says:

kist found you. great videos, keep going. views will come.

Salar Ali says:

..These past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much. Any idea on how to earn better on the short run?

Mateo Salvaje says:

Damnit-I missed the $19.64-$20 dip in the last few days, and the ~$16 the other day. Whaddaya think, another dip in the next few days?

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