Best Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy into 2022 (Top Altcoins Revealed) | Raoul Pal Interview

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What is Raoul Pal’s cryptocurrency investing strategy into 2022? What altcoins does Raoul own? Is now a good time to buy bitcoin and ethereum? Macro Investor/Co-Founder of Real Vision joins us to talk crypto! SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Raoul Pal Shares His Investing Thesis for Cryptocurrency into 2022
05:51 How Important is “Decentralization/Censorship-Resistance” to Raoul?
07:37 Raoul Reveals Other Top Altcoins on His Radar in 2021
09:20 Why Gary Vee Invested $3.7M into a CryptoPunk – Raoul’s Thoughts
11:28 Which Social Tokens Does Raoul Like in 2021?
14:00 How Close is Real Vision To Launching a Social Token?
15:15 Check Out Real Vision Crypto (Shout-Out!)
16:01 Raoul Reveals Thoughts on Cardano
17:52 Raoul Shares his LARGEST Crypto Holding (Besides BTC & ETH)?
19:52 Best Advice for New Crypto Investors in 2021?
23:44 Will Tether Implode? (What’s The Risk)
30:58 What Topic Does Raoul Wish People Discussed More?
38:00 Why Ethereum is The Greatest Trade in the World!
42:00 How Does Raoul Plan To Realize Profits?
44:13 Final Thoughts

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Altcoin Daily says:

Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

1 2 says:

>Channel named "altcoin daily"
>Are buttcorn maxipads.

Dont listen to these grifters.

Mark Kuan says:

lol just be nice to people! Love it! great interview guys!

DunkyNed says:

Mr Pal is at pains to even mention the word CARDANO, fully stutters and all when asked 😂. But as he says, he is a huge ETH holder so no wonder.
Great content guys, and I appreciate your attempt to get Mr Pal to acknowledge Cardano ADA 👍

Mane Screen. says:

BAT, anyone 🙂

Matthew Powers says:

Oooh he slams ADA with an honest assessment. I'm a hodler of ADA but I love how he owns the lack of speed they've had and the subsequent lack of a network ahead.

Joshua Dunn says:

Comment, ty sirs!

Matthew Powers says:

I love that he says NFTs are not his cup of tea and just owns it. I feel the same way. I understand the exclusivity and the club aspect of it, but not many people have that money to join the club! In my view, crypto's DeFi space is more interesting because we can put banking and investing into the hands of everyone with a phone and a job.

ヌマ says:

Wow! Raoul not my Pal is the Man! 😁👍

George Gale says:

I have seen Mr Pal a million times doing and being interviewed. You Gents did a great job and had a great perspective with your lines of questions.

Jean Leconte says:

Love you guys

Robert Ryon says:

ABC coins baby! Lol.

J D says:

Amazing interview.

Yoav Tevet says:


Preston T says:

Appreciate you! You should do an interview with James from InvestAnswers

Richard Mccallum says:

I think Austin and Aaron are robots


Awesome interview guys! Keep up the great work!

Kolby Waddilove says:

Brilliant interview! Thankyou!!! Love how you slipped in XCAD there 😉

Andres Matos says:

Best interview I have seen in this channel so far. Raoul and Real Vision are brilliant. Well done brothers!

Water Dog says:

You are the scammer. You make money when trends are shit by putting this guy in.

Stan Riley says:

Fantastic interview. Great job guys.

PJ J says:

wow my favourite channel and rauol awesome

joeyc4100 says:


Alsx Jung says:

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