Biggest Mistakes Crypto Investors Make in 2021 (Bitcoin News)

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Welcome to Around the Blockchain, a new cryptocurrency show where we bring in the TOP crypto experts to discuss the latest developments in the space. Today, our four crypto experts include BitBoy Crypto, Crypto Jebb, and Andrew Mo. Stay tuned for their expert crypto analysis.

Our experts will give their opinions on the biggest crypto news stories of the day and discuss the future of crypto assets. We’ll be talking about BTC outflows turning bullish, the latest Kraken news, and Apple and PayPal getting beginners more involved in crypto.


Andrew Mo:

Spencer Tarring:

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Kippy Johnson says:

Hey Andrew. Wtf would you stake on BlockFi or anywhere in a bull market? You just locked up opportunity cost for a petty 8%. lol. Bad advice. Just proves your shilling links. Only newbies would stake in a bull market. You should teach them what your actually doing and specify those are preferred methods in a bear market. FML 🤦

California Recreational Tennis says:

Lit'Mo gets a treat & Big Mo deserve a treat as well.

Mikey E says:

just stake your crypto for 12 months so you cant sale 🥳

Michael Mariana says:

Definitely like this show

Jose lito Juarez says:

Salute to all and AndrewMoMoney and moon platoon 🦍🦍🚀

Cole Perry says:

Crypto jebb da goat fr

ralpho37 says:

You’ve got to get Tyler S. on one of these episodes. The guy does some solid, level-headed technical analysis and his channel is very entertaining.

Align Mediation Ltd says:

Crypto Jebb knows his stuff! Great guest

Joey Evalik says:

It would be interesting if you guys covered some other Layer 1 platforms like Solana, the co-founder of Synthetix is bullish on Solana as per his interview with Unchained. I understand that Ethereum is the first kid on the block when it comes to Smart Contracts but everything needs to be improved upon to realize success and I believe that Solana has improved upon the concepts of Bitcoin and Ethereum tenfold


CRYPTO JEBB at 0,75x sounds normal

Chris McDonald says:

Dog is back there wondering who the hell Mo is talking too.

Jason Scott says:

I AM JEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilman Flores says:

Andrew MO 👍

Marcus V. S says:

This jebb sucks

Philip Lambri says:

tj talks too much. buy gold and silver guys, the currencey collapse and stock market crash are very close now.

Watches Etc! says:

Love Spencers channel. He always makes great content and breaks down things in an easy to understand way. Necessary for a newbie like me!

H Q says:

DOGE is a stable coin!

Quez82 says:

By far the best group of people you've had right here. All had valuable information compared to other groups….without saying names.

Jovan Peric says:

Can you make a review of DGB. Thanks

CryptDollar says:

Jebb nails it as usual. Way to go, Jebb!!

Justin Thacker says:

I like Justin hosting better than black shirt TJ

A.I. says:

Jebb: lots of coins are 1000x faster, 1000x cheaper, 1000x efficient, 1000x secure than bitcoin…. That's why I'm bullish on Bitcoin.

Charlie Hubbard says:

Any chance you guys could get these full shows on Spotify, I had to get YouTube premium just so I could listen to this whilst driving with navigation on

Louie Giacobbe says:

Wasn’t there supposed to be a giveaway at one million subscribers?

KatwellKaye says:

Another great show! Just keeps getting better! There are some really high quality analysts out there, and I appreciate getting the exposure to them. ☺️

Lubs Peter says:

The current market is still very volatile, and the investors are still not sure where to go from here. It does not seem like the fed last confrence helped much. So i think it is wise to keep good cash and follow dollar cost averaging strategy each time the market dip. I would consider a 10% dip from the lowest price of the held stock a good entry. I'm not a genius trad er but rather I was sufficiently fortunate to make 5B T C since toward the end of last year following the instruct|ons and sιǫnals from Tyler Joe, He runs program for Investors and Newbies to show, how ƚradıภg bitcoin works, assisting them with using the instability of the crypto market and furthermore piling up more bitcoin. You can undoubtedly get him. Եҽlҽցɾαต @ Tylerjoe

bhupendra bhatt says:

Ben was right in prediction…Love the hoast TJ and I like this show !

Ray Moore says:

PayPal crypto SUCKS!!!!! Had an account for yrs. When they started selling crypto my first deposit I was testing the waters. Bought $50 of btc and eth ea. Then I tried to log in and was LOCKED OUT!!! Because of " SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY". LOL. I bought the stuff FROM THEM!! It bs. Never use paypal again.

Mansij Madaan says:

Always love the show guys! Are you planning to call Crypto Savy sometime on the channel? Would love to see Ben and Savy discuss over the Bitcoin chart, specially in the current scenario.

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