Bitcoin $30,000! Is This Move Sustainable? BTC Price Prediction, News Analysis, Targets TODAY

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All View says:

Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about FBC and their algorithm

Anonymous Person says:

@cryptonewton why do you have so many bots commenting on ya vids?

Stephen Mietz says:

$40K Aussie …..that a big number

All Media Stars says:

keep in mind that during the pandemic fire sale, Bitcoin dropped over 60% before bottoming out. Buyers beware and manage risk accordingly…and enjoy the ride!

Crypto Karnage says:

Thats a really good question my friend, Is This Move Sustainable? i was up till 1am baby sitting my long from 29,632 then had a nap for 2 hrs thinking we where gonna pump but had nightmares of us dumping and this happends!! wow btc doing the exact opposite agagin. Stay safe evereybody and stay frosty

* omg 30k when u where editeing this video @ 30 k lol omf LMAO YEAH This Move IS Sustainable 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Jonathan John says:

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CryptoStormtrooper says:

Thanks. What do you think about Loopring?

Jermagne says:

Who the hell is hackbyfrosh? I'm new here

cryptowiz jamj4life says:

👍 greatest intro ever!

Cash App says:

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fidaus Ali says:

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