Bitcoin and Why Cryptocurrencies Will Fail | Wiktor Jaszczuk | TEDxYouth@2SLO

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Wiktor Jaszczuk’s talk will focus on issues and desired outcomes arising from cryptocurrencies. He will also address the recently skyrocketing price of bitcoin, and why buying it comes with a great risk. Finally, he will talk about potential solutions to these problems. Wiktor Jaszczuk is an IB1 student in 2nd SLO IB high school in Warsaw. In his free time he expands his knowledge in terms of economics and financial markets. Following the bitcoin crash in 2018 he decided to study the cryptocurrency market and he came across many publications about the possibilities of blockchain, the core idea behind digital currency and how will it reform the economy as we know it now. But after studying the topic further he also found problems and potential threats created by the speculations going around cryptocurrencies. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Dr. Santanu Sardar says:

Who is this guy ??? And how does he get the permission to talk here ????

Kat Duncan says:

There is nothing here that can't be said about fiat currency. There is no depth to this argument.

Obfuscato says:

Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yev M says:

I feel bad (not really), for all of the commentators below who have bought into the get rich quick scheme. The value of a currency is relative to other currencies and represents the performance of a particular economy relative to another. Currency was never intended to have intrinsic value, by design. And yet here they are supporting the appreciation of something that is the antonym of asset-class. Let’s compare the Bitcoin core economy to the USD economy. Oh, wait… there isn’t one. It doesn’t work. Because the devs don’t want to speed up transactions and allow for widespread financial accountability, they want anarchy. And they want to be those with the most wealth in a sea of chaos. Philosophical depravity.

Vtrek says:

this guy had enough balls to talk about this topic, glad more people will sell so I can buy more now.

August Allen says:

He just ruined his career. Let's just ignore how many people use US dollars for illegal activity. It Trumps cryptos

jazzit251 says:


Nostalgia says:


Cyber Monk says:

How many houses burnt down when electricity went main stream? Judging a technology based on it's adoption years is irresponsible and short sighted. Want to talk about energy consumption? let's look at the printing press; the collective banks that continue to grow in size at an exponential rate–turn half of them into mining/staking facilities and our energy consumption will truly drop and we would have the most secure/transparent financial industry ever to exist. Google trends are not real research. Good try tho…

Satoshi Aoki says:

It’s not a speculative market your moron… Its been a full fledged regulated market for years and has already made many financially free. This will just get added to the list of failed FUD for crypto.

team admin says:

is there some way to block all TEDx videos from displaying on my account ?

F-35A Lightning II says:

Do people really not understand what bubbles are? I know you’re confident in your financial decisions, but bitcoin’s value is literally representative of nothing. The closest thing is mere rarity and the success of miners. What is going to happen when you RUN OUT? What would happen if the fed stopped lending and printing money? What would the confidence in the US Dollar be? You’re living a dream. Time bomb waiting to explode is what it is.

Jurikeh says:

Remember for TEDx pretty much anyone can speak at, so these people aren't exactly "highly credible" sources.

Sinking Buiscuit says:

Tbh they should have made farming bitcoin a little more productive, like protien folding.
The speaker does have a point in that it is a purely speculative asset with no backing from any entity other than the faith of the die hard adopters. Most people just want it because they think itll make them rich overnight and they can go in to work the next day and flip their boss the bird. Also consider if cybertheft can empty your account, you wont be reimbursed unlike if you had money in the bank. The main selling points of cryptos is fantastic but it does have flaws and people should accept that it is not infallible.

I am for you says:

Hey guys
What he saying is true and see even in the fastest growing countries like India also taking actions to ban crypto currencies . So what u r seeing of Bitcoin raising is because of people buying at low prices and selling them in high. Bec of this only prices are raising up and you can make money only by swing trading . But definitely it will fail one day
Bec of its unstable volatility

Rindirisia Wangira says:

Anyone who truly understands the history of money as well as how blockchain works will know how ridiculously wrong this no coiner is🚮

Valerio mg says:

Worst ted ever :/

Josh xoxo says:

This youth is 2 slo indeed

Abhijeet Mandal says:

I hope he will soon discover there is a cost associated with not owning a BITCOIN.

RFW says:

This guy was sent by the FED

ron whiteleo says:

I will sell my Bitcoin for 1 million dollars to any criminal that wants it,,

ron whiteleo says:

The US dollar buys all those things too… buy the dip… do. Not sell your Bitcoin ever

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