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Today I’m going to talk about Bitcoin.

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CryptosRUs says:

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Need help in crypto for Afghan guy! says:

Help me with crypto please

Erica Lane says:

How can I make money frominvesting?

zl I says:

aren't you the Car review guy?

Marcus Moritz says:

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1220b says:

When BTC is 100k I will start to believe all this bullshit propaganda. Till then NO ! Its nothing but a echo chamber

Priyom Haider says:

get saylor to say it yeah!

Evelyn Avinante says:

Hi George-!
WHAT IS CAUSING THE ‘surge’ in Numeraire??

Macintoshi Mann says:

Glad you enjoy claws, George! I ordered one at a bar once and got called a "basic bitch" by the female bartender 🤣. Love Whiteclaw!

Yiu Cho Sum says:

You're an outstanding individual.

JBA -Noosa says:

With Siacoin… you dont want to make your internet called SKYNET. That is how the terminators took over humanity. Sounds pretty familiar.

Matt Bradley says:

It saddens me to think that I will never meet George in real life. What a guy. That said, imagine walking down the street or supermarket aisle and seeing him. That would be epic. He wouldn't even need to ask my name., cos we're all George. Perrfect.

Sanddox says:

George, why you keep saying 'I don't know' when answering questions?

H E N R Y K says:

only fans?? Will you be showing a live peep show preview of your crypto holdings? LOL

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