Bitcoin Breakout Incoming, New BTC ETF, MimbleWimble Activation & $182 Million In Bitcoin

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Angelo Badellino says:

Seems someone hacked your profile

Dave Ngo says:

Thank you, TMI bot.

Matthew Biggin says:

With all the XRP delistings, do you know other places where we can buy more XRP?

Campos says:

Dude I was clicking on Year To Date on my wallet to see last years gains and it kept showing last 24 hours and then I realised… XD

Thor Bellamy says:

Happy new year!

Stephen White says:

Nice one 🙏

koga38 says:

happy new year modern. been watching you since 2017 =)

Tristardon says:

Happy new year, thank you for what you do

shan3 says:

Happy new year

bitcoin 2 says:

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Jameson Alexander says:

Bitcoins breaking that 29557 resistance. She might be goin!

Caleb Jack says:

BTC full moon tonight look out your window my friends.

florian vincke says: referral link for free Tfuel. got paid for watch streamers or streams.

low roller scratcher says:

You know wtf what going on crazy dogecoin? Who is buying dogecoin today with no news or tweet with eio musk?

Alex Li says:

all hail the algorithm!

Jurnalul unui nebun says:

You can mine bitcoin using this app:

Aaron Hawkins says:

Even îf thé yëar hâs bëen bad fôr evêryone due to the pândemic whën it comes to trãdìng and máking môney onlìne . Hówëver , the cryptôcurrency mârket has been genërálly bullìsh ôf lately, môstly as bìtcoin is müch profìtable ât the mômënt whèn ìt comes to dây trâdíng fôr me î hâvê beēn trádìng with sîgnáls provìded by a prö trâdēr knôwn âs Dâniel Wrìght whöse guîdance hâs dône mê goód so fár . Durìng my fírst mônth òf trádìng wìth hís sîgnáls , I wás ablé tö accumûláte and gröw my bìtcoin frôm 1.1btc to 4.3btc whîch yôu wîll agr3e is â vèry goôd prófit . I wìll advîce anyône whô is wílling to grôw a véry strông pôrtfolio tô mâke ûse ôf Dâniel's daìly sígnals . Hé cân bè rëãch vìa Wh.ãts'Ap.p : (+ 1 786 527 2947. ánd Të.légrá.m @ Daníelwrightfx ….

كيف تصنع للاطفال - سلسلة ندى وزينة says:

Bitcoin is bad for the environment. The higher the bitcoin price, the worse it is for the environment as there will be more bitcoin miners. Mining bitcoin consumes electricity equivalent of a 200 million population at the current price of bitcoin $28000. China is the primary source of Bitcoin mining, and the main source of electricity production is coal, which is also very bad for the environment. Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth. Bitcoin is a negative-sum game, so some people win, and others lose. Cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin miners make money, and most of the people lose money. Please research the topic and see for yourself. Examples, and

Governments will soon realize the devastating effect of bitcoin on the planet, and they will ban it. At that point, business people who promote bitcoin on youtube will be the first to sell and get the profits. We are the poor people who will pay the price and lose our money. Shame on those greedy business people to do this, and please do not listen to them. They bought bitcoin early, and they will make profits by promoting bitcoin. They do not care about us or the environment.

Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth.

RiPxNighttmare says:


Do you think after the whole SEC vs Ripple suit is over, Coinbase and the other exchanges will relist and resume trading of XRP?

Cardano Green says:

2 comments. 1. @26:59 Love the Borat reference. 2. @27:45 You know I have been with you for a long time now. You hurt your credibility when you just slam coins because you don't know much about them or what they are doing. I actually hold no Algo but I follow the coin and the scientific-based POS project hey are building. You throw shade out of ignorance (not an insult – you just don't know) but coins like Polkadot and Algorand are actually decent projects with tons of potential.

Jacob says:

Did we accidentally pump algo?

Donald Duck says:

$589 XRP will truly be life-changing in the next few years….

Donald Duck says:

Stay strong XRP ARMY, HODLE!!!! Keep up the strong fight, never give in, never surrender. Victory will be ours TOMORROW!!! PROMISE!!!

Peter Eric says:

2020 online stock market is just difficult and unbelievable, I rather invest my money on crypto.

diamondzonmywrist says:

Algorithm, algorithms, algorithmic!!!!!!!!!! 😃

Alex Nichols says:

Anyone buying Augur ?

Simon says:

I’m heavily invested in ALGO! ALGO! ALGO!

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