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#Bitcoin starting correction or dead cat bounce? What really caused the dip? Was the $BTC dip partially due to the Ledger database leake or UK pandemic mutation news? JP Morgan predicts #BTC at $650k, Microstrategy buys the dip, crypto news and more!

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⏰ *Timestamps:*
0:00 Intro
2:02 Bitcoin Analysis
4:29 Why Did BTC Dip?
5:59 Ledger Data Breach
11:08 BTC Open Interest Explodes
11:55 The Bitcoin Bull.. Bull.. Bull..
13:38 BTC to $650k?

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Crypto Zombie says:

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2:02 Bitcoin Analysis
4:29 Why Did BTC Dip?
5:59 Ledger Data Breach
11:08 BTC Open Interest Explodes
11:55 The Bitcoin Bull.. Bull.. Bull..
13:38 BTC to $650k?

Vanessa Diane says:

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted the tree a long time ago. Investing in Bitcoin now will be a very wise decision in order to secure a better financial future as the economy now is nothing to write home about

Ervin S says:

please adjust the intro audiotrack volume, to the rest of the video. those are details that really impair the quality of the video. you literally obliterated my ears with that. look for an audio tool to normalize the audiowave before you upload. youre welcome

Lisandro Dela Cruz says:

Ledger breach and a Ledger giveaway. Ironic.

President of The Internet says:

A dead cat bounce in when a stock has a brief hopium pump before going all the way to zero

deep jani says:

Waiting for great btc dip

Wesley Herrera says:

Hey KW GO AND CHEEK ABRA there are are decentralized platform & secure Wallet

Léonie Raphaëlle says:

Insightful anyway, if you do your own investing, have you ever wondered whether you should turn things over to a financial advisor? I have been pondering on the same question from stories hanging on the news, how investors make millions in the financial market using $100,000 only.

Kurt Knas says:

When you have tried the "NGRAVE ZERO" then please to an unbiased review, seems very interesting.

Peggy Volp says:

thanks zombie…..for your great videos…..

Jane Henderson says:

hackerharold112 you are a Messiah in human clothing

Brooks Mallak says:

You definitely are one of a kind hackerharold112

Eric Navarro says:

Still want a free legder xdoge

Pedro Alves says:

Awesome video ! 😀

Casey Hearseman says:

14:24 that look when you feel dirty doing something 😂😂😂

Paul Carroll says:

Best way is to have your coins on multiple wallets and smaller amounts on different exchanges
Having all your coins on 1 wallet, device or a exchange is playing with fire

dan pasa says:

bitcoin makes sense

B Luv says:

Awesome Bitcoin about to get very interesting after achieving a new All Time High.

Rolf Glaettli says:

Somethings most of you forget when calculatng the future Bitcoin Price. If there was not all this Papergold, the gold price would be much higher than ist is. Same will happen to Birtcoin. There will be assets by "Superrichbank" that are couppled to Bitcoin price but not backed by "physical" bitcoin. Backed only by promises of "Superrichbank". So a lot of institutional money will flow in these kind of assets and therefore not into the bitcoin price.
No? Yes it happened to gold. If Institutions trust "Superrichbank" they will buy these kind of assets and consider themself invested in Bitcoin.

haplon says:

exciting times in bitcoinland, as ever

Alejandro A says:

great insights man!!

scoot er says:

Heck yea I wanna win the ledger 😂

Rexford Brown says:

Trezor's never had their customer database hacked; just saying.

DroogmansJan says:

Great content as usual k-dub. Ledger me

Yussuf Shareef says:

Let me have that Ledger

blus z says:

Would you consider switching to trezors for the giveaway? 😅

Mekris says:

Your the best bro

Fvbso Expso says:

Glad I bought my ledger from a reseller

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