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Bitcoin {BTC} next move is on everyone’s mind they want to know when to buy Bitcoin {BTC} when to sell and how to trade it for profit. Ethereum {ETH} is another high grade asset that will see insane gains and wear going to talk about trading both of them in the short and long term.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto and global money system currency. I talk about technical analysis of Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and crypto and how I make money trading BTC. Bitcoin allows people to send or receive money across the internet, without a third party. I talk about how to make money trading cryptocurrency/altcoins along with bitcoin news events.
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01:14 Shout-Outs
01:57 Pandora’s Wallet Sale
02:28 Bitcoin T/A – Trades
07:17 Ethereum T/A – Trades
09:10 ByBit /Phemex – Affiliate platforms
11:58 Help the Channel (DJ15 token / Pandora’s Wallet)
13:04 Outro
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EastCoastGaming says:

Any advice on XRP / ripple ?

BiracialBalloon says:

Was investing in 4 ETH a mistake?

JockDean95 says:

So many bot comments below and I don't know what to do lmao. I just hope ETH/BTC will fall couple more times and then go sky high once again, so I will be able to learn from my previous mistakes of not buyign crypto when it was cheaper LOL

MassAdoption 2022 says:

Thanks for your insight, TA and sharing your knowledge of the crooked monetary system

BiracialBalloon says:

Hi DaVinci!
Should I invest in Cardano (ADA)? Or is it too late? I see great potential, but I wish to hear your opinion 🙂

Tv Danglo And Prieto Mining says:

The new revolution is about to start now! Let do it again and again and again.

Help us to grow Friend. Thanks

mikecna says:

Please remove the background music

Simms Ave says:

Keep it up Davinci!!!

Golden Cross says:

Im in US,,, are there any platforms I can get on to give me bonus money? Thank anyone who helps,, God Bless!

Cristal Almonte says:

Y'all out here looking at the price of bitcoin, you should channel your energy into learning to trade/invest in it. Currently my crypto has been on a rise learning how to trade with Rutherford Williams

CryptoPimp says:

People talk about how babe Ruth was the best ball player from back in the day.. years from now people will talk about how you are the Babe Ruth of Crypto, hitting it out of the Park every single time ! 🙂

Surgical tales says:

That format of video- is better , than30-40 min. Thank’s.

Ricky Dumo says:

Like the energy sir…

Cece Bou says:

Love the short video!! Can’t go the hour long ones

kafasiz hacker says:

just google FBC fund and don't worry

Merhaba arkadaşlar says:

Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about FBC and their algorithm

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