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Documentary on Cryptocurrencies: Inside the Crypto Kingdom – Episode 3: In Code We Trust – With bitcoin came blockchain technology – a tool to decentralize all sorts of things beyond cryptocurrency. Will it radically transform the way we live, work, and even govern ourselves?

Inside the Cryptokingdom
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 1h 0min
Language: English

Storyline:The current hype about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as millions are made and lost make for great headlines, but misses the far more interesting story about the technology that allows them to exist blockchain.

This series dives into the crypto-kingdom to understand the technology, and why we should all care about how it develops. Just as it’s difficult to do anything without the internet today, in 10 years we might very well be saying the same thing about blockchain.

Some see it as a revolution, others see the prospect of great profits, and many get lost in between – prey to scams, hacks, or naiveté. We travel across Latin America and Asia in search of the truth behind the hype.

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Jet Espinosa says:

Why not have contributers choose which ledger should be kept? like the same way they choose which projects to fund.

Billy Jefferson says:

Ether sucks… bitcoin is better… if someone takes your money & runs then thats it so ppl souls focus on how to protect themselves on bitcoin not make new coins for profit

Rob Harris says:

Now this is a Capacitor .

James David says:

I took the risk dealing with immediatelyhacker and finally ended up with a grate testimony💯

Mark S says:

The art guy Chu in HK is an idiot. The HK bankers didn’t come to hear Butalik speak because they were a little more open minded; they want to know what the opposition is up to. They’re running scared – they only exist to as as the ‘trust layer’ between 2 entities performing a transaction – and taking a fee.
The woman in China, ex hedge fund worker, was also amusing – went home to help people. Yeah, right. She knew how greedy her homeland is (I spent a yr in China, I know). For all their talks of 50 and 100 yr plans, it’s a nation of get rich quick where your position in society is based on net worth.


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Carter Heavy Industries says:

Cardano [ADA]

Father Finger says:



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Luis Rivera says:

Do any one know about BitcoinVault?

Son says:

How about the next US election using blockchain ?

Vee Tee says:

For myself investing is second source of income. I invest on big dividend firms and try not to sell. Actually i Have started to invest for cryptocurrencies for a little amount of procent of My portfolio's value.
Alltho interesting world this cryptocurrency.

David Davidson says:

Klaxonstools com are super legit. Just got the 6btc I requested for

DavetheBrave1982 says:

Fucking awsome doc. thanks. Revain Rev 0.01 cents bottomed and on nr. 33 now 🙂 . We see 2 dollars again

Vince C says:

Ignore any comments that say, "I made blah blah blah with the help of Mr./Mrs. Blah blah blah." The only offer these people try to make you is an offer to take your money.

Плюшевые приключения says:

great, thanks for this interesting video!

and do you know what duck dao is? I met this platform a few days before and I want to ask your opinion about its future or hear any predictions about DDIM

Kristoffer S says:

Is this guy rapping?

Swage TV says:

whats the name of the intro music ?

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