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Bitcoin just had a flash crash, what happened?

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

⚠️ Bitcoin 101 Class

🚨 Trade Crypto in your IRA/401K

⚠️Check out GeorgeCoin

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Christian John Domingo says:

the 1B$ came from me LOL

Ultra Maxx says:


Ssad Mo says:

The enormous amount of electric power required to mine the bit coins means that it is not sustainable. Just like maintaining an empty running motor, it doesn't generate any value but incur the expensive cost. Its high price has no economic logic behind it but the manipulation by the masterminds. Run away from it when you still can.

Jennifer William says:

Smith's.+1 6/4/6/5/1/3/9/6/4/9.

Davis Sliver says:

Smith's.+1 6/4/6/5/1/3/9/6/4/9.

Reunite as o.N.e11 says:

Great buying time

pretty penny club says:

Smith's.+1 6/4/6/5/1/3/9/6/4/9.

Mamzelle Flaire says:

it was a black sunday

Summer Scott says:

great video! thank you

Jesse Werth says:


Elisiyana Roberts says:

Buy low sell high

Sovetskiy Kozel says:

Im not George Im Sovetskiy 🙂 hehehe

John Dough says:

Good news.
All cryptos are on sale!

John Dough says:

This is how the whales get crypto on the cheap. Push the price down. Buy. Profit.

Brandon Daniel says:

god damn i just wake up and this happens Jesus charts

Anime trailers says:

Today, i take +25% on Moondao

Mass of Jupiter says:


HyphyHyphyHippos says:

George is satoshi

Andrew Blewski says:

I wish LTC dropped more. Some of the top 10 held their value surprisingly well.

Marcus Gawne says:

Redirected some alt cash into Doge yesterday. I'm up.

Jasper Friend says:

For thos of you wanting to understand how leveraged positions can end up causing the market to go down, just recognize that the markets nowadays are run by bots. These bots are running 24/7 trying to gauge market sentiment and how to play against sentiment to relieve you of your funds. It took me a long time to understand the mechanics of what's happening behind the scenes and i'll just say that you have to bleed a lot before you get to see the secrets. For instance, when you move capitol into an asset, the effect is similar to adding coldcuts to a scale that already has a pile on it. The scale goes down (the weight pushes it downwards) but the net effect is that the needle goes up. The needle is like the measure of end potential. The bots are managing the ultimate outcome, and they recognize the potential has gone up, but they also know human weakness, and they know you might panic sell if you see that what you bought is going down already, … so they let the price drop for a bit.
If you took the shittyest shit coin and put a huge amount into it, as long as the coin remained actively traded and continued to grow in some areas like that, it would continue to go up in price throughout the bull market, regardless of whether anone else really put much of anything to speak of into it. Ive seen it happen.
That is a free secret for you all. Good luck.,

NuviStar says:

big corps use extremely high leverage.. jp morgan chase, morgan stanley.. 500x leverage.. and ur calling the little man greedy.. pisses me off when u talk shit..

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