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In this video, I talk about the Bitcoin rally and give an update on the infrastructure bill.

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Marc G says:

"-Noderunner the senators are after you, noderunner if they tax u hard your thru"

sarasotarepub1 says:

OR, we're gonna see a sell off and profit taking tonight into tomorrow. Not a huge one but it would not surprise me. I sold my ETH at 3K so I'd like to see a drop so I can buy back in.

I sold to lock in profits.

MethodByKat Diab says:

When did we ever think we would ever live in a world where we wouldn't be taxed In some way when it comes to money?????? It's the inevitable.

Matt and Rob Humor says:

"Theres a lot of things that Joe Biden wants to pass"…thats a very generous way of putting it. Joe Biden doesn't even know what planet hes on. Biden's puppetmasters want a lot of things

Esoteric Arcade says:

George is a positive impact on my day.

NST says:

I'm addicted to daily streams. It's episodes like this where you explain such important behind the scenes info I don't want to miss. 😆

Dcwood1979 says:

We finally get out of China FUD and now the USA( who will benefit) wants to create FUD.

M P says:

Biden doesn’t wanna pass anything but gas into his rocking chair pillow. His HANDLERS are the ones behind the bill

Johnny Paez says:

My son would have done a better job writing a Amendment. He is 13

Mike Henderson says:

Crypto is not gonna hold up the infrastructure bill. All we need is a little pressure on Congress. Call them amd they will leave crypto out to pass it.

Bobby Bos says:

So basically this news is purely for Americans ?

Practice and Repeat says:

If you don't cash out,you don't owe taxes.

Wilfred V says:

yes but the activity in the blockchain itself is still very low for such an increment in price, unless activity increase substantially there wont be higher peaks, historically has been that way

MH says:

Please do a video on Altura NFT!!! Let's get in everyone!!!

MH says:

Up ADA!!! Also guys, check out Altura NFT, solid fundamentals, huge potentials, North of 250x. Heard of smart NFTs? Yeah, Altura is redefining the nft world… DYOR and get in now, get in early !

G J says:

If cryptos R Us intro was a Winnie the Pooh character it would most definitely be Eeyore

Daniel Yoshimura says:

House then senate

Sandsnake 03 says:

The house wants 3T and the senate bill is not even close to that amount of money. So is gonna go back and forth

Steve R says:

Thanks George! 🙏🏼

R N. says:

Word of the day “protocol”

piip4 says:

Ah, George going full capslock as per usual

Just in case You says:

WtF 6:24 min

Stephen Starling says:

We are a roll George….all of the George’s

James Moore says:

We maxis are cracking the fug up

Roberto Botello says:

Quit voting democrat

Justin Campitelli says:


Morpha Kun says:

George, the bill already passed the House, that was back in first week of July. Senate vote is the last step, this is the deciding vote.

Angel for Truth says:

PoliTICKS suck the blood of all us, one day people will see this.

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