Bitcoin Holders Are WRONG About Ethereum (Worst Decision to Sell)

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Ethereum is getting ready to moon. Top Research companies are now realizing that while Bitcoin is great for appreciating value, Ethereum is going to be the most explosive cryptocurrency this year.

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Kevin Cortie says:

Look for Savemoon coin 🌕 before it 🚀 to the 🌙

Nabeel Samodien says:

listened to my previous comment in your other vid, btc to drop below $50 k soon but not for long

П В says:

This guy is a clown!!!

Stone Spoon says:

$HHOG is making numbers right now!!!!

Stone Spoon says:

$HHOG is making numbers right now!!!!

Stone Spoon says:

$HHOG is making numbers right now!!!!

NewSat MobileSat says:

Vethore will be next bitcoin 💯🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

v patron says:

ETH has fallen asleep, exxxactly as i predicted!!

Emanuel Potdevin says:

Waiting patiently✌🏻

DARIUS P says:

Unfortunately Ben, Ethe will not get off the ground this bull run. BTC will top soon and we will be heading back down and entering a bear market before ETHE gets to even 2300. Right now we have a huge head and shoulder in ETHE and we are heading down to 1530 again. Bull run is ending in a couple of weeks

Mark Poolstra says:

Explode to the downside huh

Crypto Creep says:

I swapped my ETH for Theta a couple of months ago and have never looked back.

Tyler Bindner says:

I'm about to explode in my pants

Mr M says:

I just want ETH to explode so these videos can stop

hyperstripe100 says:

sounds like most of the ETH haters didn't buy any back at $126

ADoseofReality Channel says:

This guy is a joke.

There is no way in hell Ethereum is getting to 20k this year. Only a liar or a fool would make such a climb.that mean it would need to 10x from here. Lmao yeah, ok….


Omg he's so full of shittttttt

Alex Trujillo says:

Bit boy got the Pradas

Oliver Dixon says:

ETH isn't decentralized. It's code can be stopped by a certain person, and has been stopped in the past.

Liam Howard says:

Does pi cycle top indicator work on Ethereum and other coins?

kurmatt says:

long term bby

G. E. B. says:

"Bitcoin doesn't do anything except make money"?

Evolve Premium says:

Eth 1,800 by April 1st

Mike Miller says:

ETH and Chainlink, the new stablecoins.

Sam King says:

I failed this bull run so far. Im 100s f thousands up but man I wish I didn’t go in hard on eth.

Michael Lumpkin says:

ADA to the moon!!! ETH, well hopium, yeah that's the mood at the moment!

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