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Derrick Wade says:

Uncovering the f2pool mass sell off was enlightening, and you are the only one I saw covering it. You are the best crypto channel!!!

T Smith says:

My solution…get BTC off the exchanges…push for this. How? Look at ETH…stop wasting so much energy trying to pump it. Again everyone realize if BTC can get just half of ETH market cap added to that and we 3X….that is the moon shot number. So yeah I am saying everyone sell half their ETH and give it to BTC. Also remember Musk thinks about going to Mars. He does not think on a small scale. You guys that just pray he will just add $3M to his balance sheet a month…what message are you sending Musk and the other big players that may be looking at BTC? Are you selling a change the world message or something less? Think about it.

BlockChain says:

Good investigative work

T Smith says:

Great content and message. We need to do what we can….to protect our investment. Band together and work together. We need to stop pointing and say look at GME ..we need to be the next GME. That being said from a business point of view…we cant keep trying to ride the coattails of musk and saylor. Ala eth for the last month too many in crypto are looking to someone else to make BTC rise. Not a good look. Either BTC can stand on its own or it cannot. We the little fish are sending mixed messages.

N B says:

We just need to keep buying them. We all know that at some point there will no longer be anymore coins to mine.

Mark Jackson Music says:

Amazing video! Thank you!

David Kapa says:

BITBOY sent me over

Derick Campbell says:

I'd be interested to know if F2Pool did this back in 2017-2018. Do the stats go that far back?

Colin Hughes says:

I think we will start to see a lot of this pump and dump in the crypto space now that institutions are getting in..shorts are coming after hedge funds have built up their coins to dump and then at the same time short with 100x Leverage

Anton Brejak says:

Thank You Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Da Man!!!!!

binh vu says:

if your long position got liquidated recently you know who to look for!!! so criminal……

Colin Hughes says:

Maybe Wang Chung is Satoshi Nakamoto..!

sciflyer67 says:

Couldn't trust Jihan either.

Shaman Rock says:

Is f2pool controlled CCP? Hopefully not lol

David Kasman says:

Perhaps Chun Wang feels small after seeing how much Elon can more the market with just a few comments? Now, Wang's acting all badass.

Buddy Dudebro says:

Blazing a trail here George, Way to go man!! Stay on top of it , other you tubers are already picking up on it and reporting right behind you.

JJ says:

damn it's getting better and better, does anyone know if this exchange that shows the heavy shortselling before the dumps needs to do KYC, if they do, they can check who was placing those orders

Moon_ chaser17 says:

Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Marshon Thomas says:

Damn, I missed it live! 🤦🏾‍♂️

charles sukhee says:

Another great video 🙏 thanks for getting to the bottom of this 👌

friedcash says:

you're the man!!!

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