Bitcoin or Altcoins (Which One Can Make You Rich?)

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If your goal is to get rich off of crypto, should you be buying Bitcoin or Altcoins? We’ve gathered a panel of crypto experts to discuss the pros and cons of buying Bitcoin vs Altcoins. If you plan on getting rich off of crypto, you’ll definitely want to listen to these guys.

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Jason Asher says:

Funny you said "XRP isnt going drop 50%" then it does the same day with SEC news. LOL. It will be back

Minuteman Videos says:

Snx? Could that be considered a hidden big boy alt this season?

John Grygus says:

if a coin can increase in price then you can make money.

Rochelle says:

No most people don't understand they don't even teach economics in high-school. If you have a fundamental knowledge of how our economy works then you can see this crap coming a mile away. 1 in 58 people in colorado has the vid and 1million have received the vaccine to date….

Ken Corbin says:

15 min into the video, crypto love doesn’t understand what Cardano is??? He should really watch some of your Cardano content Bitboy and educate himself.

I bet he’ll be making Cardano videos in 2021…

Evan Langley says:

Crypto Love has no love for alt coins lol. He may be onto something, I am only up on SNX at this point

Mike Anton says:

sent this to google about CB

Mike Anton says:

This COINBASE app is conning people out of hard earned money and CB does not wish to work with FIN….. regulatories, trust, scamming are huge concerns for all of American People presently. They say it is too erroneous and it would cut into profit???. The app purposefully jumps a misleading figure of of your sell price which saves the company enoermous amounts of fees directly paid to coinbase. they are 100 percent skimming the figure or rate……. iow. There are serious ethical concerns..

Imani Richards says:

What does NFT stand for?

ADTranfamily says:

VECHAIN IS rated as the best blockchain. Will these help pump price

ADTranfamily says:

Since XRP is being dethroned, will XLM going to take the XRP market place and benefit from this?

tudfrey says:

Why don't you guys like XRP?

Bad Habits says:

On the Nft topic won't the insurance plans be nft's because they will all be different. that is a huge use case bigger than art.

Tobias Jonas says:

Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

Allie Shaffer says:

We need more content like this. Love the panel and the contrasting POVs. High quality conversation. Thank you 🙏

Tejas Aloka says:

Enjoyed this collaboration, very informative. Waiting to buy a house with BTC.

7thDenim says:

Bit Boy is hilarious lmao

Nijax X says:

Bitboy well said!

Nijax X says:

Xrp will moon it will work!

Crypto Daily says:

Alt coin will definitely move up

Chachii Tee says:

Recently bought into eth, you guys think I was too late? got at 550

Petalyn Albert says:

Great conversation. Thanks so much for sharing this. Learning so much.

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