Bitcoin Price Crash (Worst Time To Sell Your Bitcoin & Ethereum)

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In today’s video we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the altcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.


Nathan O'Lano says:

You should record a diary of what you heard so it can be exposed and released years down the line. We can then begin comparison and realize the happenings through the background noise

Lazer Beam Moon Trip says:

Everyone needs to check out STRONG nodes, great opportunity to make passive income in crypto!!

Chris says:

This guy is a straight joke

james galbreath says:

yep..pump boy at again..trying to keep his riches at your expense…i'll buy at $13k to 16k…then he can pump til his hands are raw…

kris t says:

Not gonna drop 85%. Way too much money in it…

Vladicus Radicus says:

Don’t listen to BitBoy’s Macro Economic analysis. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s clearly parroting what others are telling him. Deflation… yikes. Not.

Cryptos Galour says:

BEN & TJ work sooooooo well together , you can tell how close they are. I think you guys should DEF continue on this show. Love the vibe you guys brings, it won’t be the same with the DUO😔

Dee Smith says:

TJ’s voice is extra sexy in this video 😉😋🤩

Alex LOC says:


TAP Lyfe says:


Jeff S. says:

I also do not think the USD will be the future world reserve currency … I suspect the works bank / SDRs are more likely to be the reserve. Just my guess !

Michael Buck says:

Yup, he has been saying this for weeks as we continue to hit new lows, the guy is a babbling broke and can't see the truth. He said just 1-2 days ago that BTC was NEVER going below 32K, welp, last night it went to 31.2K, LOL. Therefore, as of last night, we hit a big break-out low pattern that will continue.

This morning people started to buy, err, the whales, so the price goes back up, it's been a continuous cycle for weeks. It's going to go down a bit lower before it heads higher sometime in August.

Just because he says it will not go lower doesn't mean it's TRUE. He himself is trying to manipulate the price, look how he was so full of pride and said that he mentioned inflation and deflation recently and then all of a sudden others started to talk about it, like it was all because of his channel influence.

I call BS, I was reading about inflation and Deflation over a year ago, it's been talked about on many channels and news sources, so he is not the source and did not cause anyone to report on it. What a CLOWN to think HE is the source of this news and that he has enough clout to manipulate the markets. Total dipwad IMHO!!!

OG Panchoh says:

Buttcoin is dropping like bird poop very soon! Its done next week! FINISHED!

harryrooster1 says:

I panic sold eth at 4K diamond hands are way overboard

Jeff S. says:

Yes I care about s&p crypto indexes because it will be useful to know how traditional markets may want to influence crypto.

Please don’t ignore the news, even if FUD, but, FUD should be exposed

Jesse Berry says:

Can count on Ben to bring the dad jokes

StormofSteel says:


sipka2 says:

I hope you're wrong. I need it peak in February! Much better scenario..

Mickey P says:

Doge functional factors? Really Really… Where? That does it Bitboy Crypto is on Dogecoin’s payroll…

Porter says:

Someone was talking about it awhile back but he said he expects short term deflation then high inflation after

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