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Today’s News: Bitcoin Pump Drains Altcoins & DEFI! Time to Buy Crypto.

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class​ Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

💰 Buy Bitcoin on Gemini:​ & Binance.US:​

💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

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Ronney McCarthy says:

Nexo just pumped from $0.12 to $1.70, lol!

Mark Youwishyouknew says:

I hear you about the privacy coins but the question is how is the Gov going to hide all their corruption

Mark Youwishyouknew says:

Just want to say ….thank you George …….beers up to you

Dr mr Igor says:

I like how you still like the small things, like the cheap beer 🍻

Margriet O'Regan says:

Security !?!?!?!??????
Well, this what I’ve been saying all along ….
If someone, anyone, the police, A TAX MAN or a crim ransoming my son, held a gun or a jail sentence up to my head – or whatever – my BTC wouldn’t be safe…. I’d give them my password. ….. WOULDN’T YOU …..

briankunheehan says:

such a great crypto stream show. ty for the info


Your hardware wallet link is NOT working…

Flynn Copper says:

Investlng ln crypto ls the only blg chance of maklng money

jtash tash says:

Gourmet Galaxy next 1000x coin

Don Freeman says:

FUD privacy

__ says:

Yawn, another BTC pumper

Only way to keep the ponzi going….

Wideolink says:

Ether 10,000 🚀

Magnum Boom says:

So Cardano pumps higher than just about any of the other top 20 coins, and…all the crypto guys basically ignore it. That's cool. Bought more ADA on Monday….best move this month so far.

Poutinsky _ says:

No offense, but if you think privacy coins have no future, you clearly don't understand the potential of defi.

Paridise says:

Ya it's George!!!!

Chris Valerio says:

Perhaps that German should cut a deal with police, his freedom and $20,000,000 in exchange for his key?

Joe Jr says:

Your one of my fav shows to listen to bud. Good work

Guilherme Arruda says:

XLM is the better project in the world man, dont speak bullshits

gcam474 says:

Can you recap the layer2 space?

Youtube User says:

You call that a pump?

Phillie Phil says:

Newbie ? Where can I find or create a private wallet?

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