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00:00 Intro
00:50 BTC
02:50 Alt Market
05:15 Alts to buy
09:40 Another Country?
10:40 China FUD
12:00 Bank FUD

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These scammers with their novellas and following robo-convos are too much.
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Conor, can you predict the price of SILVERSTONK coin for us?
Its a new coin with very very strong project.
I hope you do it for us, and people will know about the project!

Crypto Gate says:

People need to HODL seriously. Its going to be great for sure, very bullish!

Raymond Jefferys says:

How much Safemoon are you holding Conor?

Aryanna Campos says:

pay attention this information will help you. When people have the signal and the confirmation of the bear market "whenever it is" as you say , their portfolio will be already 70% at the best minus! People and traders should be try to be ahead from the market or at least react fast. Because all the indicators "rsi-macd-Ema-…" Are lagging indicators ! So why someone to hold all the way from 65-32 , when he could double his position by selling and buying back .And wait for confirmations in any direction … Slogans like HODL and Diamond 💍 hands are just for inexperienced people that they think that there is no other direction other than the moon. If you ever need an experienced tradr that will show accurate TA then I will strongly sujest Daniel on tєlєɠгaʍ>>cryptorecruitr. I have been able to make 21ƁtƇ in just a year tradn with his s!gnal despite the up and down of the mar;ket, believe me, he is way ahead of other tradrs

Hyacinth White says:

Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2021
Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires


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Andrea Blanche says:

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Robert Grayson says:

Investing in Crypto is lucrative and a big chance to make money online

Jeremy Carroll says:

Keep calm an hodl on

Jenny Mohren says:

PinkPanda has an incredible dev team with an active community. They have big plans for this coin and I have no doubt that it’s going places. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the community for yourself. TG is Pinkpandadefi

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