Bitcoin PUMP to New All-Time High $24,600 | Buy XRP?

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Micheal A. Grinston says:

The rich get rich because the pool think every opportunity is a scam

Alien Boy says:

XRP and DOGECOIN will shoot to the moon

paul kieffer says:

I’m buying 10k shares of XRP cause who cares maybe it’s a complete bust but maybe not. No one knows

GL C says:

Merry Christmas George and everybody here!

wiley schmitt says:

So Santa gave out some BTC and then people quickly sold it?

kevin miele says:

yo George i bought XRP @24 and I am going to have a happier New Year with Theta also

helen of troy says:

Merry Christmas to you all

Randy Black says:

Cardano or Zilliqa .
"The Control Grid" . . . doesn't want a Credit System built on High Throughput Decentralized Blockchains .
(Ethereum has Control Hinges)

See What Happened to Libra and XRP .

Xa Ya Za Za says:

Merry Bitcoin Christmas George! 🎄🎉

All Before Breakfast says:

I old xrp into btc. Now I sold a little btc into xrp

Only have 7000 xrp. I know. I’m
Broke. Lol


I stopped buying house and I spent all my down payment to buy bitcoin.let see what happen

carrington william says:

We breaking another pattern in 1hr! Do trade it.

mstory307 says:

Merry Christmas George!!!

Timothy Alexander says:

Merry Christmas 🎅

piercing huber says:

Thanks for your great content, man! Appreciate it. Merry whatever-you-are-celebrating!

deniz istanbul says:

Come on, Theta Tfuel and Zil are not struggling at all

R James says:

MicroStrategy, PayPal 17% stock price increase, after Bitcoin Eth and Litecoin adoption..🎅🏻

Which other major companies will follow their example? ⛄️🎄🛷

Traveling detector says:

George these charts dont happen on the day they happen 3 months previous….. Have fun and a bullish new year.

Eduardo Huerta says:

Bitcoin is a no brainer.

Mark says:

Merry Christmas George, thanks for the Xmas update.

Belle P. says:

I like your voice George. One of the best on YouTube. 😉

Ryan Lang says:

The gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays to you and your family, George! <3

T Smith says:

Our crazy world…..all these big players in…and still BTC is at $24k. All good….I can keep HODLing.

Robert Sunderland says:

Moonboys still waiting for $589 🤣🤣🤣

gloombastic says:

Merry Christmas George from Arizona!

sudocrypto says:

Merry Bitmas !

David Draeger says:

What are your thoughts on the bitcoin price manipulation that Nouriel Roubini suggests? I've never heard this before. Is it possibly true? If so, seems like a disaster

Linus says:

I'm glad I sold my XRP bag after 150%. It wasn't time to be greedy

Jim D says:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ XRP GIRLS TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

NeoKailthas says:

Why buy xrp. They were buying their own coin to pump the price. Don't touch it even if it goes to 10 dollars

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