Bitcoin Rejected at $50K (Will It Ever Breakthrough)

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In Today’s Video we will look at the most current Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News.

A new Citibank report discussing the future of Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs reopens it’s crypto trading desk

and more…

0:00 Rundown
5:19 Market Watch
11:20 BTC Blood Diamond
17:25 Trading Challenge
23:30 ETH/ADA Charts
29:50 Cardano Moon
37:12 Bitcoin ETF
43:30 Bitcoin Banned
49:00 F2Pool/Mining
1:00:10 Price Predictions


sean stodulski says:

This guy is a clown now,, just click baits

Christopher West says:

Begging for likes. Flip flopping on every prediction. Zero credibility with this guy

Susanne McClure says:

on market cypher please!

Christopher Pallotta says:

So many Cardano haters on Twitter

Saurabh U says:

Drink hit tea

Saurabh U says:

Love live streams

Saurabh U says:

The largest crypto only channel

Ez Wider says:

Is that ETF going to eat into Grayscale?

scott andrews says:

Koenigsegg instead of Lambo or Aston Martin

Vince Sabatino says:

I'm chasing, seems like always catching up!

Alvin G says:

Bitcoin will fail early in the morning 🤪

co says:

Why isn’t this dude on every news channel talking about this ?

Too the Moon says:

What Webb is this ?

RMDYsound says:

I’m convinced the niggas scamming with bybit

French Bastard says:

2.8$million dollar BITCOIN. 122$XLM.

Christopher Pallotta says:

Volume is low rn because people are broke generally speaking

justoli1000 says:

Please teach from the beginning how do I fund market cypher

Jona Lam says:

It is right now dipping and I think last dip going to get several more dips.


2500 by valentines

Joey Herman says:

Ben congrats on your sobriety.

Layout Signs Team says:

Omg you are in Acworth, GA! I am in Marietta, GA. Big fan here!

Teresa Fredrickson says:

Love the glasses

Pi NETWORK code Glisa333 & BEE NETWORK glisa333 says:


Vaelarius Crypto says:

Hes got the LAZER EYES!

Red Baron says:

it was just the interweb today? not, in all the interwebs? I'm crushed.

Ben William says:

Investing in Crypto is lucrative and a big chance to make money online

Aaron Burn says:

I wish I could buy market Cypher but it's so expensive

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