Bitcoin Supply Crisis, Buying 12,000 BTC, FinCEN Worry, New Crypto Bank & $745 Million BTC Purchase

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Nachannachle says:

Remember, 70% of BTC miners are in China. These miners are hodling their BTC.
Chinese BTC miners will bankrupt US institutional investors through supply shock just like the Chinese Government is disintegrating the US dollar through Treasury holding.
Good luck, MicroStrategy, Grayscale, Paypal, Square and the likes. You are going to need it in 2021.

azel6 says:

Stop buying xrp …whats wrong with guys .. they stole people money

Leertese Beirge says:

They will force people to use Bitcoin ATMs to remain anonymous.

vonscratch says:

Now that's an impressive thanks to your patreons.. Someone should put some beats on that!

Zhen Zhu says:

Ripple = RIP Hoes

HairyOutlaw says:

whats wrong with tracking the bitcoin? otherwise everyone could just launder money through bitcoin. like alot of people do now

Eric Ratz says:

Beating the algo

Chris Morley says:

How much bitcoin being bought is paper bitcoin, not actual bitcoin that can be stored in a wallet, just like there is paper gold (GLD) vs physical gold.

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Nice algoriddim

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All Before Breakfast says:

The book was dope bro. Seriously sick. I’d recommend picking it up. Multiple interviews and court documents were used to write it. If the movie releases in the pre peak of the bull run…. mania bro

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Chris Nixon says:

Algae Rhythm

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Derek Chauvin says:

Does this mean bitcoin is more valuable due to limited supply and can be worth $20 million per bitcoin one day?

G J says:

Is it just me or did TMI just try and beat Eminem’s words per song record during his Patreon thanking????!!!

Peter Petrov says:

America will never be lonely again! Huobi is here

G B says:

I’ll go with him

Rosh Hashanah says:

bitcoin ALGO

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