Bitcoin to $200,000 | Price Prediction When BTC Was At $5,000!

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Hieu Hieu says:

Thanks friend

YesXplain says:

Yeah im buying a grand a week or if i see dips lol. Gonna try to get 8% of my networth in bitcoin

Elizabeth Sophia says:

investing in bitcoin is really a big chance to make money nowadays

Victoria Hannah says:

It is important to have different streams of income and a diversified portfolio, I’ve already invested in crypto which is very profitable

David Richard says:

Crypto is the future

Silver and gold are good but crypto is best

crypto beezy says:

Aye you should do more "i told you so videos"!! Very cool I remember been watching your vid since day one lol

David Farmen says:

Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

Tim F says:

you earned my sub with that clip. You obviously are a smart dude!

BTD says:

Thx for a great video.
Few months ago, my friend used Coinbase to buy bitcoin, and bought Ellipal to transfer & store, and just transfer some back to Coinbase to cash out…is this your preferable approach? Thanks!

W Lam says:

Should have posted this when we actually hit $200,000 😉

R C says:

Excellent channel George. I truly support your belief and predictions and they are right on. Let us enjoy this long term journey as we are confident that our visions and aspirations will all come into fruition without a doubt. Keep up the great work George.


I also remember how u dropped BTC and converted everything in to ETH at the beginning of 2018
U looked crushed that day …. )))))))
Love your show !

matt mercer says:

Poor Xrp is lower now than in that video

Btc Prillan says:

Good video man!!! Much love from Sweden

Brian Schreech says:

You are kicking a$$ George! Keep the great info coming.

Jeff says:

Funny that xrp was the same price than😂

BTC 100K says:

George, been following you since 2017. you are a true crypto futurist.

Fastblade Productions says:

January is going to be BIG…. all the financial services are releasing their crypto services to the general public…. Regulations should be passed and Institutions will be buying a ton a Bitcoin…. better buy now… last chance at these believe it or not low prices…

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