Bitcoin Tracks This EXPLOSIVE Pattern…

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Today let’s talk about Bitcoin, Crypto and the US Market. Can Bitcoin pump 750% due to this fractal pattern?

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0:00 Intro
1:00 First Republic Update
3:40 Credit Suisse
5:30 FOMC Meeting
6:15 Bill Ackman
8:25 BITCOIN 2023 VS GOLD 1970’S
10:39 Paradigm Shift
12:57 BTC DCA Works
14:26 Immutable X | Polygon
17:17 BTC Dominance
18:30 QA

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CryptosRUs says:

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Dj Bomber says:

Racism is the reason for why the WHITE bankers are not in prison 💯💯💯

iasonas constantinou says:

to me is all planned…create the problem have the solution ready which is CBDC's….print money, devalue the fiat from inflation, create bank crisis bring CBDC'S as the solution…easier for the people to accept it if the fiat collapses…the fact that they increase interests rates to fight inflation is all BS as if they didn't know when they printed 6Trillion that inflation will occur…don't fall for this trap

💰 Instant $740 Daily With Olivia says:

"Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." *

Pedro Miguel says:

At least with banks our money is protect up to 250k. With crypto if it goes to zero, you get nothing.

Stop bashing the banks, I am sure you are building your new house with a bank loan, not with BTC

Parsa Persian says:

I'm definitely not George

Alli Mansor says:

Check Me Out ..

moneybuggy says:

Btc 50k in June.

Graham Hill says:

Good point George 👍🏼

Jack Stoltz says:

So pull all money out of big banks and put it into small town banks. Hurt the big banks and let them know your not going to let them attack and gobble up the small banks consolidating control

rebjorn79 says:

An excellent one George. Hey btw I got slapped with a timeout the other day, was just messing around in the pre-livechat. Kinda deserved it maybe, I'll try to moderate myself so that you don't have to. Keep up the good work!

rebjorn79 says:

Regarding IMX, the 15% drop doesn't make much sense. I really think that this was just a 'sell the news' thing. I bought the dip. Maybe many were simply expecting something different and got cold feet.

Mark Schneider says:

Is doge still the best stock to buy?

Architect_ ED says:

why didn't Jorge discuss Render leaving Polygon for SOLANA….hmmm….of course, cause he doesn't share any of the bad news, real things that are effecting Polygon like the centralization and whale wallets

#More_Money says:


Elizabeth says:

Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but "Growing money is wisdom" I heard this from someone 💯

Rion Koral says:

Hi George 👍

Broughton 90 says:

Should I go all in now? Or is it guna go down again??

Arbitrum says:

'Guys we Iive on this C H A N N E L.'

Warkus says:

STOP telling people "it always flips" !!! BTC Dominance will go to 99% and will stay there FOREVER !!!

Trevor Garvey says:

About to go all in on FRC for an epic bounce.

Tracy Garrett says:

Are you planning on talking about Arbitrum before it gets listed on the 23rd?

The Middle Journey says:

115 k this year for btc. Inverted head and shoulders everywhere 😅 remember this message .

Resh Sanko says:

Its a trap and he knows people dont fool in his mental disorder.

Jason says:

Sold all my in profit BTC and ETH for GALA. I believe in GALA and that it can help me become a multi-coiner in 2026 bear market. George would be mad at my portfolio balance haha

JustCallMeDope says:

Month 3 into the new year, keep grinding it out. 🔥🤝🏻💰🫡

CryptoGrassini says:

You say a lots of bullshits NO ONE CENTS put into BTC by whales. Have another beer ..

Starshipx1 says:

stop putting out all this bull shit

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