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Coinbase’s direct listing is about to launch soon and there is some volatility ahead of time. Is the market going up or down?

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Bitcoin Update
2:14 Coinbase IPO
5:17 Binance List ‘Coin’
8:32 News
12:18 SEC Chair
14:23 Sponsor Peanut
18:46 Q&A

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

⚠️ Bitcoin 101 Class

🚨 Trade Crypto in your IRA/401K

⚠️Check out GeorgeCoin

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Geeza 1589 says:

George gives some good insight and does alot of useful research which he shares, but don't follow him blindly on what to buy and sell. Always remember to make your own, informed decisions from your own research. Still, thanks for the update George!

Scott Silva says:

Thxs bitboy

R Elso says:

LOL 😂 don’t panic don’t panic

SonnyB says:

I honestly have no clue what's going on, sometimes I think the old buy it and come back in 6 months might be the way to go! ☺

Check out my video says:

I hаvе fоund bugеd bitcоn еx-chаnger, it аutomаticаlly еxchаnges tо ethеrium аlmоst x10 rаtе!

David Reed says:

Did you just say 'in a nutshell' while talking about peanut? Don't know if you did it on purpose, but I liked it.

1967MGC says:

"Peanut", George? You're nuts. LOL!

Paul Game says:

I am George, my wife is Georgina!

Cynical Lee says:

Great work George really look forward to your analysis which is spot on and reassuring when the sociology sets in.

Abe Demme says:

He use to teach About blockchain at MIT

Alex Coen says:

Confident with a pinch of humility…We are George.

Ian Lister says:

One concern about Gensler is that when he was lecturing, he was always keen on regulation, and commented that is a stock looked like a security and traded like a security, then it was probably a security, so regulation is most likely coming.

Ian Lister says:

Thanks for the info George, very helpful as usual.

Geardownflapsup says:

No way, big fall is coming in few days.

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