BITCOIN WILL DO SOMETHING CRAZY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [my NEW trade..]

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BITCOIN!! Today we will do technical analysis on Bitcoin! WATCH THIS

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00:00 Intro
07:30 MY BRANDNEW TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!
10:40 BIG BONUS!!!!!
10:58 Outtro

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00:00 Intro
07:30 MY BRANDNEW TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!
10:40 BIG BONUS!!!!!
10:58 Outtro

Jesus my Lord Jesus pls come says:

Jesus is calling as many as willing to come. Focus on ur salvation.(Where your treasure is that your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21)

Jojo Baggins says:

Something crazy, like absolutely nothing

Татьяна Маркова says:

Joke. My mom bet me – who will get more in the crypt. She cheated: she found a group of professional player Walter CoinCoin in the Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel. He shows how to automatically copy his actions using the service. As a result, I woeked hard, and my mother used this service, did not sit in front of the computer at all and won me over. The end.

steve taffy says:

Well… your new trade from the descending wedge breakout got liquidated like me. I look forward to seeing if you tell us (or predicted the dump) 🤔.

Richard Dangles says:

What was the crazy thing it did????????

Joan Teskal says:

Seems like bitcoin did nothing crazy, you just lost a lot of money because your stop loss was hit 😀

Joyce Hudgeson says:

Crypto currency is here to stay if you can't see that at this point,it's time you learn more about it.bitcoin trading nowadays is a big chance to make money

Adam H says:

Tether investigation will crash Bitcoin

Chuck Norris says:

Buying the altcoin dip. Think its just a XRP scare..

Phil O'Connor says:

When you show your trades and the profits you've made and are making, I cant understand how you make the calculations. It seems that the price of bitcoin might go up 10% but your trades show a much higher profit. Are you leveraging to buy bitcoin or are you doing something else? I'm a novice but I'm trying to get my head around cryptocurrencies. I bought 2 bitcoins when the price was about $10k which indicates on paper that I've made about a 100% profit in 6 months. Some of your trades show a 900% gain so I'm confused by this. I'm really enjoying your channel Chris so thanks for sharing your expertise.

Crypto SEA says:

Looks like your stoploss was hit, it traded below 22850. Not so oracle i guess.

T Miah says:

He always says bitcoin is about to do something crazy today in all his videos. I don’t see anything crazy other than he himself lol!

Mila Hernandez says:

Every bitcoin investor right now it's just smiling at the price of Bitcoin as it hit stronger and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are going to become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that.

Jessica Davidson says:

It.s very detailed into Having gotten involved in the stock market and made little profits , I still greatly believe in bitcoin tradinq mostly as the market is very bullish at this point in time . I strongly advice us to get involved in day – tradinng but to be properly guided by a pro – tradr with a working strategy . For me it's been very successful because I was being guided by my respectible Coach Daniel Wright , whose strategy has proven to be so accurate and well analysed . Tradinng and growing my portfolio from 0.9btc to 5.8btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credible . Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahead of more bullishness ? He can be reach via tale. gram @ Danielwrightfx or wh @ tsapp @ + 1( 7 8 6 )52 7 – 2 947

Rashad Blaise says:

Thank you for your TA, some of the best on YT. 2020 has been quite a year, and what is a better news for crypto than to see all-time highs? Both institutions and high-net-worth investors are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin as a store of value and as a treasury asset. Happy to be a partaker of such a change in the world of crypto, I know some hodlers are happy at the moment due to the recent rise, although you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts. That's why it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto tradlng came my way. "Why hold a currency you can multiply or grow?" With much energy channeled into tradlng bitcoin daily with unique slgnals, it was no surprise how my portfolio went from 3 Bitcoin to 19 Bitcoin within a year. I will always advlse anyone who just started dealing with Bitcoin or old holders, Trad e people! It is truly easy, only requires your time. I registered with a Crypto mentor on Te.leqram mssngr who helped me grow my crypto portfoIio all the way to the top. @DiegoMarcus on Te.leqram or wh * ts * pp + 3 2 4 6 0 2 1 9 4 1 5 made my year.

Cycler Avy says:

Did you just delete a video?

Pan Diaxik says:

I like your videos, I'm losing money only because I'm trying to earn faster than you, but can you talk less about how you predicted what happened and more about about what will happen in the future? We know you are predicting the price well.

Jason O says:

If you told a lot of people earlier this year that bitcoin would go up over 20k by the end of 2020, Many wouldn’t have thought it possible. It’s happening today, A Professional Expert helped me know this and so far my crypto has been growing massively working with her.

Yves Seguin says:

Keep showing the breakouts. I’ll jump in one day soon

Rafaël Moser says:

Very nice prediction! But I don't see the W! ^^

Chris says:

And nothing has happen today, still the same price. LOL

MMCrypto says:

Trade put your comments below if you are interested

Buffett Harrison says:

I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

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