BREAKING: Billionaire鈥檚 Cryptocurrency Portfolio LEAKED in 2021! Elon Musk BULLISH on Crypto! 馃洃

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What altcoins does Mark Cuban hold? What are Elon Musk’s thoughts on cryptocurrency in 2021? What altcoin is Microsoft using in 2021 to lessen their carbon footprint?! Let’s discuss!

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Is ethereum a good investment 2021? What will ethereum be worth in 2021?

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Elon Musk jumps into Bitcoin!
04:04 Mark Cuban’sCryptocurrency Wallet Doxxed!
06:43 Microsoft using THIS Altcoins in 2021!
08:04 Chainlink Partnership!
09:32 XRP PUMP & DUMP!!
10:17 Final Thoughts

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Carlos Moret says:

My daily summary of the most important crypto news keep up the good work guys

Space Oddity says:

Voyager token is moving up fast !

Paul LiCausi says:

badger dao.. your welcome

Janek says:

SKEY X1000馃殌馃殌馃殌

antony says:

Make sure you grab a big bag of ANKR going to pop big time.

Leonard Leon says:

Receiving $15,500 after investing $1,800, this is what I never expected and thanks @lleon_crypto for putting an undying smile on my face

FinnyboiFlayva 鉂 says:

Congrats on 400k!

Altcoin Daily says:

C.o.n.t.a.c.t. M.e. O.n
W.h.a.t.s.a.p +1..2..1..3..2..9…7..4…3…9…0

Lark David says:


Rich Ireland says:

It's safe to say Musk has done reasonably well without any crypto investments. Frankly I think it took Cathie Wood to convince him because Elon has publicly admitted he is not an investor by trade he is an entrepreneur. Watching crypto fanboys the Mark Cuban connection was well known by Internet gurus more than a year ago. I can't fault Cathie, Elon, Mark or any other celebrity for crypto adoption. I can however fault government for classifying BitCoin as a criminal element they caution against while they maneuver to get control of crypto currency. So disingenuous as the economy breaks up in dilutive stimulus printed paper before our eyes. Good grief there is no other alternative. I remember when credit cards were considered evil rife with criminality. You don't see goverment warning of dire consequences with MasterCard or Visa. The wheels of Washington turn so slowly. For sure Musk has been very helpful and of course other celebrities. PayPal was considered a non event. Now if we can just get the bureaucrats to take there blindfolds off and dispense with the FUD.

SpajN34 Nice says:

So mark cuban has said he rather would owns bananas than BTC yet he still was buying for himself. Why am im not suprised?

Dayna Flower says:

I鈥檓 hoping that you could answer a question I鈥檝e had for a while. If there鈥檚 only a certain amount of bitcoin, and you have many large corporations buying massive amounts of it. At the time it becomes main stream it seems like bitcoin will only be in the hands of a few compared to the masses of human beings. How can that possibly Work as a real world currency if the few again own the many?

Ufuk Demir says:

I believe in Digibyte

kennyisaboy says:

Can you explain what is meant by a trade of BTC/USD and vice versa? Does BTC/USD mean i am trying to use BTC to gain USD? or does it mean using USD to get BTC? Thanks!

Brigitte Crombez says:

hoera I have chainlink, looking at cosmos..

EIon Musk says:

Ethereum is the definition of a SHlT Coin… I just tried sending 100 dollars in ethereum to my friend and the gas fee was 1,080 dollars… what kinda trash is that??

Meanwhile did the same transaction with XRP and fee was 1/10th of a penny and got to him in 3 seconds 馃槀

Luqman X Sadiq says:

If Elon is crying about missing out, what about me?

Tim says:

Your enunciation skills are friggen phenomenal.

Tinny White says:

I love crypto

Coins Searcher says:

Buy 馃憠馃憠馃憠馃憠PROPY馃憟馃憟馃憟馃憟……you welcome

A Fellow 9yr Old says:

What do you think about Cardano (ADA)? I can鈥檛 afford Bitcoin and Etherium

Thomello Ntsane says:

Wonderful analysis

Bramont says:

If my budget is only $100, what should i put it into? all into etherium, or split between that and btc? really not sure

Lytsout193 says:

Failed to mention that Mark holds HEX

Cristi Cristi says:

Reef Finance will be huge 馃殌馃殌馃殌馃殌馃馃馃

Haydon Albright says:

Etherium since 220$ let's gooooooo

Lennon Richardson says:

To all my ninjas who be living it up … Bitcoin is always on time

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