Former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, CEO and inventor of TRX, explains the genesis of the TRX and leads a fast and effective workout that will get the heart pounding, burn a ton of calories, and [More]
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Um pouco do nosso dia a dia de Trabalho. Especializado em Truck Americanas. Campo Grande MS Performance Garage Obrigado
This is your TRX Full Body Toning Workout. In this workout we are going to work your entire body for strength, cardio, and toning using your TRX suspension trainer. I’ll give you lots of options [More]
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Today I show what happens when a Ford Raptor R owner runs into a Ram TRX owner! Full Comparison: Raptor R For Sale With:
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Watch the full comparison video here:
Today I compare a 2023 Ford Raptor R to a 2023 Ram TRX! Ask For Ephraim: Thanks Sam! Learn How To Save Time And Money The Next Time You Buy A Car: Help [More]
This is the Ram TRX! At $98,000 it comes with in $10,000 less than the Ford Raptor R, including a 700HP Supercharged HellcatV8! SUBSCRIBE to us to make sure you don’t miss future episodes! TEXAS [More]
A TRX Music, MD Records e a Universal Music Group apresentam o vídeo oficial de “Aprendi”, faixa extraída do álbum “Bouquet 2”. Streaming: Ficha Técnica: Composição: Eudreezy Emana Cheezy Addy Buxexa [More]
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In this video I review the TRX Suspension Trainer, show you how the TRX works, and also show you the TRX Training Club. Is this worth the investment? Discount: Use Promo Code for 15% off: [More]
Who doesn’t love starting the week off with a brand new vehicle and even better, a brand new Dodge Ram TRX?! We take delivery of this beauty that we ordered 3 months ago and we [More]
Today I drive and review a 2023 Ram TRX! Available Storage: Devil’s Detail: Learn How To Save Time And Money The Next Time You Buy A Car: Help Support The Channel: [More]
We Straight Piped a 2022 RAM TRX 6.2L SUPERCHARGED HEMI V8! #exhaustaddicts #ram #trx Located at Discount Mufflers & Custom Exhaust 3560 Dickerson Pike Nashville, TN 37207 Comment below with your thoughts & questions! Follow [More]
This has to be the most insane TRX on the streets! It has over 1100Hp and makes my stock TRX seem really slow! By far the craziest truck I’ve ever driven, straight piped and FAST! [More]
2023 Dodge RAM 1500 TRX Sound, Interior & Exterior – FULL Visual Details – King of TRUCK Better than the 2023 Ford Raptor? Thanks Matt’s Bower Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram Price: $103,520 Buy it [More]
Grab your suspension trainer and a mat for this quick 20 minute upper body and core superset suspension strength workout.This high rep workout will combine strength exercises in the upper body and core! Set your [More]
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In this video I review, drive, and show you guys the new updates to the TRX for 2023. Its still the same great truck, just with a couple new updates to make the truck that [More]